Monday, August 1, 2011

How Do You Feel About Consulting a Fortune Teller, or Medium For Advice About Your Future?

Life has lots of twists and turns.  We make
 choices that can affect the rest of our life.
Anything can be just around the curve
in the road, or around the corner.
As a True Christian, I believe the Bible when it tells us that we are not to consult with mediums, or professional foretellers of events, as those who are faking and scamming people are enriching themselves. Others, who actually consult spirits, are in league with Satan the devil's wicked spirit creatures, who would operate in ways that not only are meant to lead people to think that either GOD does not exist, or that he doesn't really care about people. If you have a BIble, please take a few minutes and look up these few scriptures: (Leviticus 19:31; 2 Samuel 21:1; 2 Chronicles 20: 14), so you can read it in your own Bible. He is also influencing people into think that GOD actually causes disasters, and other bad things that happen to people, and nations all over the earth.  If you have read in the Holy Scriptures, or your Holy Bible that GOD is love, then how could you even consider that he would bring down hurt and death on anyone who is his sheeplike ones that Christ Jesus taught? 

Who is he consulting?
In most things in life, we are the cause of most of the results of our own actions and choices, and unforeseen things happen to everyone, just by happenstance, i.e. being in the wrong place at the time something happens that can change the course of our life. Accidents happen. (Ecclesiastes 9:1)  Bad things happen to even good people, or I should say, to people who try to live good, and exemplary lives.  The Bible says that no man is good.  Even Christ Jesus said that no one is good, except the Father.  When so called Ministers tell people that GOD needed another angel, so he took their child, or spouse, that is another example of Satan's lies being perpetrated upon people who really should look into their Bible and read for themselves, that man dies because we all sin, and we 
Praying and reading your Bible daily,
you will find things your minister
never told you.
inherited sin and death from Adam and Eve, because when they stole fruit from the tree in the Garden of Eden which GOD told Adam, his first human creation, that they were not to eat from, or even tough that one particular tree, under penalty of death. Obviously, Adam had tole his wife, Eve what GOD had tole him, because when Satan asked Eve if it were true that GOD had said not to eat from the tree, she told him that GOD had said not even to touch it. Satan, speaking through the serpent, told Eve, "GOD knows in the very day of your eating from it, your eyes are bound to be open, knowing good from bad." That was the first lie ever told, and Satan intimated that GOD had lied to Adam and Eve. So she ate from the tree, thereby sinning against her Heavenly Father, the Creator of the universe, and everything in it.
Who is the Mediums contact?

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