Friday, August 26, 2011

How Do You Blow Off Steam?

Loosing Control?

I believe that while most people get angry, that it should not be necessary to lose control of oneself. Certainly, I have gotten very angry at times in my life, and may have also lost control due to that consuming anger. However, it takes a stronger person to maintain control, than it does to allow yourself to blow up. 

The Bible says that it's OK to get angry, but not OK to resort to calling a person names, such as stupid, dummy, or even worse. It is much like a person who may have been challenged to fight, in school perhaps. I certainly had a few bullying types attempt to egg me on, so I would fight them. While I certainly did not back-off, or run away, I did stand up for what I thought to be right. If I saw my older sister being hit, or attacked, then I went into action. I told bullies that I did not believe in or want to fight. At first some of them called me "chicken," "thinking that would challenge me to take the bait. I simply let them know that while I did not want to fight, That I certainly knew how to finish it if they chose to hit me first. 

Over the years, I have learned ways to dealing with anger, such as just leaving the scene, or conversation if someone just wants to argue, for the sake of arguing. I do not choose to waste my time in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. 

Cooling Off In Order?
Do Something
You Love Doing
Just to blow off steam, there are many things a person can do, such as get some work done that may involve using a hammer and nails, or hitting a punching bag, for example. You might listen to some peaceful music, to help you calm down. One might go hiking, or running, swimming, or chopping wood. Try golf, baseball, basketball, or bowling for instance. All of these are ways one can use that undirected energy, and finally calm down, and feel a whole lot better, in the process. Anyone who surfs, knows first hand that surfing requires your undivided attention for timing the waves, keeping an eye out for sharks, as well as for other surfers. Getting your mind off of whatever got you so hot under the collar is a very good way to reset your mind, and regain peace. Exercise also helps your brain release endorphins, helping you feel better all over. 
Basketball With a Friend

There are really many harmless ways ti refresh yourself if you need to "cool off." Many times over the years, I would ride my horse. It redirects your thoughts, and gets you thinking about something else entirely. Riding a horse, especially when you are putting them through their training or practice lessons, requires your full attention, and if you are a mess, so will your horse be irregular in it's functionality and movements. 
Surfing Will Cool You Off
In whatever way you are able to calm your mind, that is a good thing to do, to help relieve the stress, instead of just allowing yourself to "Blow Off Steam." Stress and uncontrolled anger are hard on your body's blood pressure, and your heart. Contrary to what many people seem to think, calmness, can help with a hot temper, while letting it all out, only builds it up, taking a lot out of a person. 

Maybe most important;
Take some time to think things over

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