Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunny Southern California's Weather, July 31, August 1, and 2, 2011

Rain in the gutters, but what a nice day
©2011 PK Hawk
Well folks, to begin, on Sunday, July 31st, we actually got rain, and a decent amount at that.  It was from the monsoonal flow creeping up from the Gulf of Mexico, or Sea of Cortez.  Ordinarily, I would take a look at Weather Underground , but I was not at home, and no, I don't have a smart phone.  I'm cheap, and have the one that's only semi-literate from Straight Talk.  I hate the quality of surfing the Internet on those phones, so I don't do it.

Back to the weather:

I went out for breakfast, and just before I left home, it began to do slightly better than a sprinkle, then, the longer I was out and about it started raining in earnest.  I drove to my bank, to deposit a check in the ATM, and drove past my old place, just to see how things are coming with their landscaping and remodeling, etc. All was quiet on the old homestead.  But, when I went the Post Office to check on my mail, I was surprised when I opened a letter which had originally been put into the wrong PO Box.  I had completely forgotten about a phone call I had received about a week or so ago, from someone who had gotten a letter meant for me, in their mailbox.   They were kind enough to call me to let me know they had opened it before they realized it was not theirs.
Muddy dirt road
©2011 PK Hawk

There was a nice little note in it, with their address, and telephone number, too.  I nearly fell over, when I saw the address...  It's only about half a block from my new home.  I called them, to thank them for redepositing the letter at the Post Office, and then it was actually put into my correct mailbox.

When I returned home Sunday, I checked on the lake shore campers who had come for the weekend.  They had all left for dryer accommodations. Some of them had slept in tents, so that I could understand.

Back to the weather:  It was actually quite a relief getting that rain, and it allowed for some breathing time while it also made the atmosphere seem so much cleaner, too.

Now, yesterday, Monday, August 1, it got to 110 degrees where I now live, and only after it cooled off, did the humidity get a little back to more or less normal for here.  The humidity was high enough to make it somewhat uncomfortably sticky.

Today the weather people said this area would be getting a little break from the heat we had yesterday, but no, it still hit 110 degrees, and that  was in the shade of my gazebo, too.  However, the humidity is only at 8% right now, and the temperature has dropped to just under 108 degrees.  Of course, that's at 3:11 PM, local time.  We do have some breeze, which helps quite a bit, but at this elevation, we are actually closer to the sun, which makes one's skin feel as if it is burning, when the skies are clear.
Snow Bear
Sleeping Away the Heat of the Day

©2011 PK Hawk

My dogs have wanted to go out a few times today, but they were certainly glad to come back inside, to escape the heat of the middle of the day, into the air conditioning, which is still pretty warm comparatively speaking, as I really don't like refrigerated air, so I keep it running on low.

Peanut, the five pound Chihuahua is sleeping in my lap while I write this, Snow Bear, my larger dog is sleeping on the carpet next to my feet, and Sequoia Dawn, the Chihuahua/Basenji mixed, it lying on the kitchen floor looking for anything that she hears of sees outside.  Buddy Cat, is sleeping on my bed, so all seems fairly right in their world, at least.

It's beginning to look like we are going to have a warmer than usual summer, out here in Sunny southern California, especially here in the Inland Empire.

Happy vacations, and beach days, everyone.  I hope all the folks in the Midwest get some relief from their 100 degree, high humidity weeks.

Tomorrow is hump day, and the weekend will be here soon, so if you have a weekend trip planned to the beach, or even to the lake shore where I live, have a good time, and remember, don't drink and drive, or even drive your boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Many lives are lost, and/or forever changed like that.

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