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Documentaries Recommended to Help You Protect and Start Reclaim Your Health

There is nothing more convincing than when your whole life is changed, and you are beginning to show signs of severe food allergies to things you have eaten all your life, to make you wake up and to start looking for answers.
What Does Corporate Farming Have To Do With Our Health?
I have several documentaries in mind that everyone should see. They are all related to our food chain, here in the United States. Many people will swallow just about anything that is on the shelves in their grocery store, thinking that the people who have processed these products have a conscience, and would never add anything dangerous or unhealthy to anything which is for human consumption. 

Fortunately, more and more people are finally discovering the truth, either because their bodies are so polluted with artificial this and that, that their livers, kidneys, and their entire body is shutting down, and they are in so much pain that their whole life is changed.

Family Medical Consultation
Did you know that the medical profession as a whole only studied nutrition for about eight hours during their entire time studying medicine? Many lay people know a whole lot more about nutrition and artificial ingredients in processed foods than most doctors. 

Have you ever looked up online all the potential side effects which are possible from your prescriptions?  it seems to be up to the patient to do a lot of the research themselves if they really want to know the benefits verses the possible or likely side effects and possible damage most medications can do to their bodies.  Take it from someone nearly died, and came with a few hours of losing their colon.   The author had an outpatient surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator to help control neurological pain from a severe neck injury which caused permanent nerve damage.  The surgeon prescribed Keflex, an antibiotic as a precaution against possible infection after the surgical procedure.  Within two or three days, there were complications, gastrointestinal bleeding.  When the doctor was called, he simply stated that it was very unlikely that the Keflex would have caused the bleeding, and to continue with the medication.  

The bleeding worsened, even after the prescription was not being taken any longer.  One night, I woke up, in horrendous pain, even unable to get out of bed.  I called my sister, who is a nurse, to ask for help, as I needed to get to the ER.  I ended up in the hospital for ten days, and on I.V. Nutrition at home for another five weeks, or so, taking nothing by mouth, not even water.  

When I had recovered enough to go online again, I looked up the possible side effects of Keflex, and discovered that intestinal bleeding, and even possible death from the bleeding was the first side effect listed on the contraindications of Keflex.

Surgeons at Work
I only escaped radical surgery, that would have affected the quality of the rest of my life, by going against the advise of the gastroenterologist, and consulting with my sister and my trusted family doctor, who was also a family friend, and following my own instinct.  We discontinued anything and everything by mouth, including some trial medication the gastroenterologist had prescribed.  He left for a vacation, so I did not have to deal with him again, until  I was back on my feet, and had to go for a followup visit.  This doctor had also had another patient in a nearby hospital with the same problem as did I, and who was also taking the trial medication.

When this doctor said how foolish my family doctor and I were to stop the medication, I asked him how his other patient fared.  He said the other patient had continued the medication, and had his surgery,  That meant that this man has a Colostomy Bag for the rest of his life, and I do not.  I am back to normal, except that I learned a lot from that experience, and have continued to learn.

How were your fruits
and vegetables raised?
When your body is telling you that you are slowly dying, you begin wondering what you did to it that made it turn against you. With all the chemical medications the public is on, with prescriptions alone, it is severely damaging to the liver, just because your liver is the bodies primary filtering system, with the kidneys also carrying a heavy burden. The rest that is left over, is collected in your bodies fat cells, and even in your brain. 

What did this meat eat?
Have you ever wondered what the meat you eat, ate when it was alive? Watch these documentaries, and you will be enlightened. Have you also wondered why our ancestors ate meat, and did not appear to suffer from the same health problems that is now running rampant, especially in the United States? Why do people who came from countries with almost non-existent heart or cancer issues, to develop the same health problems the US population at large suffers. Why is type-2 diabetes and obesity so rampant in this country, especially within the last four or five decades? 

There is a saying that still holds true. "You are what you eat."  Another says, "Garbage in, garbage out." That can refer to what you feed your mind, as well as what you feed your body.  If a dog or cat eats a poisoned mouse, the pet is also eating the poison which killed the animal.  Your pet could suffer the effects quickly, or a little later and more slowly, depending on it's size and how much poison it actually ate.  In any case, the poison will take it's toll, in some way, sooner or later, but it is still poisoned.

Online Research of
medications, and
 food products.
Many people who suffer from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, are really suffering from the effects of toxic chemicals in their diet, the air they breathe and the water they drink, in addition to the the additives in their food.  You do not have to become a Certified Nutritionist to learn how to help yourself and your family eat better and safer food, and about listening to what your body is trying to tell you.  There is a lot of helpful information online, and from the documentaries listed below.

There is also a lot a person can do personally, to repair the damage, but a person first needs to know and accept the truth that is staring them in the face, and to what their body is telling them. 

If your pet is also having health issues, such as obesity, or tumors on their body, these too are related to what is their diet, as well. My pets were all too heavy, though I was feeding them so-called health food, and it wasn't cheap, either. Since changing their diet, they all lost weight, have tons more energy, and even have more color to their coat. 

The following documentaries are available on Netflix, and you may also find many of them on the web sites given at the end of many of the movies. Some of them even encourage the viewer to start educating their friends and neighbors, including their whole neighborhood, as many other people have done to share their personal experiences with sickness, pain and facing impending death from the cause of their health condition.

Recommended Documentaries: 

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Food Matters; King Corn; Food Inc; The Future of Food; Ingredience; To Market to Market to Buy a Fat Pig; Fed Up; The Corporation 

Most of these are directly related to what's in the food we eat, while others address related issues.

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