Monday, August 15, 2011

Debating Issues

Friendly Debate
Today's prompt asked what issues I like to debate.  It's not whether or not I like debating, it is more an issue of whether or not the subject is worth debating, and it the person in question is informed or ignorant on the subject or not.  Some people just like to argue, and that is completely pointless, and a waste of one's time and energy.

I have no problem debating any subject when I have accurate knowledge of the topic. I do not argue just to argue. If it is something worth my energy, and of importance, and accuracy counts, I will discuss the issue in a calm and hopefully enlightening way.

If I do not know all the details about the subject, I will readily say so, and listen to the other person's opinion on the subject. Then, I will research the information in question, and talk about it later, to either verify their point, or to advise them of information I have discovered on the subject. 

I am always amazed at people who throw out a statement as if it is fact, when they actually know very little about it at all. Other people will consider a simple debate as an argument, and take it all very personally.

I often kindly debate Bible teaching with people who really are interested.  However, it is a waste of time to debate scripture with someone who is just wanting to fight, and is not really interested in what the Bible really says on a subject.

I have debated strenuously the subject of "fake pet rescuers," as many people just can't seem to consider that anyone would really kill another person's lost pet, when it has a collar, tag, and even a microchip.

I also often debate with people who have pets they just keep allowing to reproduce, only to have the litters finally be taken to shelters, for lack of people to buy them.

As they say, "Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person."

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