Thursday, August 18, 2011

If I Had My Own Clothing Line...

Today,'s Prompt suggested writing about one's style in clothing, if a person were to have their own line of clothing which they had designed.

If I had my own clothing line, it would be called "PK Hawk's Own." Since I appreciate comfort in clothing, my designs would be mostly for ladies who are interested in getting out and about, in comfort while looking good doing so.  I would create lots of attractively designed pants, which are also easy to wear out on the town as well as styles for hiking, camping, horseback riding, or just kicking back at home.  There would be a wide selection of split skirt styes, so one could appear to be wearing a skirt, while providing the comfort of pants. The range of design would include shorts of varying lengths to all for more choices for more people, with different body styles, from slim to larger sizes, as well. After all, larger ladies also like to look nice in their clothing. 

The possibilities are practically endless, comfort, and style. Ride a motorcycle, or a horse. Go dancing, or shopping. Work in your garden or relax in the shade with a good book and lemonade.

Do you know how difficult it is to find flared palazzo pants/skirts. or even a well made split slip? Well, I do.  I need to wear something that is dressy appearing but not really a dress, while actually being actually being a nice flowing split skirt, or flowing palazzo pants.  Culottes just aren't loose enough, and appear more like slightly wider shorts, and are not nearly as comfortable as something more flowing, and with more material, These would come in varying lengths, for those who prefer shorter or longer styles.  Do you recall the western split riding skirts some women used to ride horses in older western movies?  That is similar to what I would design. Many women do not like wearing pantyhose, and with a skirt like this, they don't have to.  

The design can be either very dressy, using silk, cotton, leather, or some manmade material.  The skirt can be just blow knee length, or down to the ankles.  One could wear heels, dress boots, or riding boots, western or some other style.  But, they would not be antsy to get home and get out of their clothing, in order to feel comfortable.

I have given this a lot of thought, as I grew up wearing pants, and I really dislike wearing dresses, or suits.  There are times, when pants are not appropriate though, so some very well designed, split skirts would fill the bill, and would be suited for even dress up events, such as attending religious services.  When on is in GOD's house they should not be wearing cutoffs, or jeans, etc.  

I have never taken a clothing design class, but at least I know there are more comfortable clothes, which still look very good.  A woman should not have to wear sweats or jeans to wear pants, and still be well dressed.

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