Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have You Ever Looked Back and Wished to Relive a Bygone Day?

Hills Alive With Music and Song
Have you ever allowed yourself to daydream of all the yesterdays which have passed away?  Then, middle age seemed old to many young persons, and yet, when we are nearly there, in our forties, for example, we begin to realize that we may have wasted much of our valuable time, with trivial pursuits, and wasted so many of what is now recognized as precious moments and important years.  In youth, few of us gave those days a second thought.  Now, as we age, and living begins on it downward journey, it seems that most people start looking as what was, instead of what is possibly still to come.  

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Many young children enjoyed spending time with their grandparents, only to later think of them as just taking up room and time, instead of valuing them for the experiences they have to share with them, saving much heartache, and helping them to learn from the mistakes they themselves made when they were younger.  Many have made the statement that, "Gee Mom, or Dad, things are different now than they were in your day."  True, times do change, but living, and the important things really never do change.  If we neglect family and friends when we are young, we will live to regret it later in life.  Your own children learn from you, and what you do.  If you didn't take time to spend with them, or even your parents, what makes you think your children will treat you any different than you treated your parents, or grandparents? When you are old and unable to do everything you once were, will your children be there for you, or will they be too busy living life for themselves?

Do you know research shows that people who maintain strong ties with family and friends, actually live longer, and are healthier overall?  It is important to make time for keeping their social network strong are even better able to cope not only everyday stress better, but even with more serious events which may come up in life.
Things of a Child
A wise man once said, "Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of the past, are doomed to repeat them."  How true that statement was, and still is.  If we could just revisit past mistakes we made, and re-do them, would the outcome of now, be different than it now is?

If you could go back, and reclaim even just one day of your life, which day would you choose to relive?  Do you think you would choose to repeat a day when you really messed up, or a day of freedom and happiness?
Singing Together

If I could go back in time to relive only one day, I think it would have to be a day that I could ride my horse from about five in the morning 'til about eleven at night. Riding horses, for me, makes me feel at one with the environment, and with my horse. It's like when I used to be able to sing as I did before my neck thing, I feel so free, and at one with my surroundings. It's sort of like when you see the movie, "Sound of Music." When Julie Andrews is singing up on the mountain, and twirling in a circle, I always imagined myself just as free as can be. For me, it's the same when I ride a horse, or sing, or used to anyway.

Make time for family and friends, for time passes much faster than you may realize.  One day, you are young and full of vigor, and you may have big plans for your future.  Then, before you hardly notice, many friends may have already passed away, and some family members, too may be gone.  Don't waste time you could spend with loved ones, for they, as well as we are gone before you may think.

Free as the breeze, and at one with nature. That's what horseback riding and singing are to me...

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  1. Your right about this time thing and I hope someone comes up with a cure fast!