Monday, August 8, 2011

Is the Coroner in Your Community a Medical Professional, or an Elected Position?

Recently, I watched a Frontline show that was available on Netflix, and was shocked to find out that in many communities across the United States, the position of Coroner is filled by people who have absolutely no medical training at all.  There are many "doctors" who are so below par in the quality of their work, that they have actually been responsible for innocent people being convicted of murder, and actually being executed.  You will not only be surprised, or even shocked to find out exactly what is considered as fact in cases where people who either got off scott free with murder, and others who were convicted, when in fact, there was no murder at all, that you may care to investigate your own communities' standards of autopsy in case someone has died when not under the care of a physician.

For the video, go to,  and search for:  Frontline: Post Mortem.

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