Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Has Passed Leaving Destruction in it's Wake

I won't make this too long, as it is primarily an update on some of the information coming in on the Internet about the death and destruction that has become apparent in the wake of the deadly storm named Irene which hit much of the eastern seaboard of the United States Saturday and Sunday, August 27th and 28th, and throughout the night from North Carolina to Vermont and northward beyond.

The latest death toll has reached 37 as of this afternoon, Pacific time.

It makes one shudder to think of how bad it may have been had Irene not downgraded to a Class One and finally into a tropical storm.  The final damage estimates are bound to rise as more damage becomes apparent, and possibly more people are found or may still succumb to injuries sustained in the high winds and the deluge of rain falling on many widespread areas of the east coast.

From many television and Internet reports, it appears the many of the dead were victims of falling trees which became uprooted from rain soaked soil, and fell on their home, apartment, and probably a few cars, as well.

I am reminded of some who called in to radio stations saying they thought that the city of New Your was over reacting when they had businesses and subways closed in time for people to get to safer areas.  As was feared, water from the drenching rainfall, did indeed enter the underground facilities, and utilities, as well, shutting down power to many thousands, if not millions of residents in the area, as well as other affected areas all along the coast of the eastern United States.

The thoughts and prayers of many are with those who not only lost material possessions, but who may have also lost family members in the widespread storm.

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