Sunday, August 21, 2011

Advances in Technology-What Will Be Our Future?

Plinky's Prompt for today may be more important than one might think at first glance. After all, today people are under the impression that everything keeps advancing, and improving with each new invention, and as people continue to discover new things, and begin to utilize them in their day to day life. 

Personally, though I enjoy many things about technology, and the way it helps one to learn and communicate worldwide, there are certain drawbacks as well. Look how much the Internet has allowed for more deviants to have access to pornography, and to information on bomb making, as well as how to kill someone, without leaving much trace of their actions. 

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is very true. while more people are connecting with new friends, and old around the world, they are also connecting with people whom they think they can trust, only to be taken advantage of, or even killed. 
There is more to technology
 than just computers and phones.

If the price of energy continues to rise as it has been over the past decade, and if the cost of living continues to widen the gap between the "haves and the have nots," effectively eliminating the middle class on earth, including those who live in supposedly the most advanced countries on earth, technology will be working against those who are financially affected as is currently occurring. 

Already, so many are concerned about "Big Brother," slowly and methodically wiping out more and more "Human Rights," and leaving more and more people open to scrutiny of possibly not so ethical people who are supposed to be working for the public good, but who many people consider, appear to be taking over people's lives and personal control. 
Waiting for check-in
and security scans

Already, the technology today, is invading people's personal private body parts, when they travel on an airliner, even within their own country. Granted, some people may be interested in destroying a jet liner with it's passengers, but most other countries, do not resort to such invasive scrutiny. The other countries conduct deeper questioning of it's passengers, and this is said to be more effective than the personally invasive technology that is being implemented in other countries, such as the United States. Many people have stopped traveling by air, to protect their person, and self respect. 

Organically Grown or Factory
Farmed and full of pesticides
and Weed Killers?
Which would you rather
put into your body?
I think that if things continue as they are apparently headed, fewer people will be able to afford the technology we already have available, and fewer people will be educated as they were just a few decades ago. More and more, youth are passing along in school, who cannot even properly fill out an work application. If they can't even fill out a form to get a job, how on earth can they competently support themselves or a family?  Technology includes much more than computers, and cell phones. It also includes biological tampering, and some who have done so in the past, have been very evil and manipulative indeed. 

Added artificial butter,
and High Fructose Corn Syrup
or artificial sweeteners
Genetically modifying the food supply and the excessive use of weed killers and pesticides has already affected the health and lives of many in the public sector, and continues to wreak havoc all along the way from the farms to our dinner table already. It can only continue to get worse, if it is allowed to continue.  Already, we are warned about the dangers of excessive use of cell phones, being a very likely source of cancer. For decades, it has been suspected, and now even more so, that with so many electromagnetically transmitted radio waves, etc. is affecting our bodies and minds in many ways.  Even the use of Wi Fi, and using our computers in the wireless mode, it allows for that many powerful radio waves to bombard our mind and body, upsetting the natural balance of the body's natural electrical systems.

Look at how "factory farming" has affected our food supply, with ever increasing outbreaks of such things as e-coli, and yes, even mad cow disease. 

Healthier range fed beef.
When range fed, their body
is less acidic, and the cholesterol
from the meat is much lower,
making it healthier also
for those who consume
the meat.
Feed Lot Finished Beef
fed a diet of GMO corn plants,
including kernels, stocks and all.
Killed before 6 months, or they
would die from the unnatural diet
which leaves them with a highly
acidic system, leaving them open
to all sorts of internal infections, and
even stomach ulcers.
Even our vegetables are lacking in essential nutrients, from the soil being stripped of needed natural minerals, and being over farmed, without allowing the land to rest. More and more family farms are being driven out of business. Those farmers who dare to refuse to plant genetically modified (GMO) crops such as corn and soy, and being sued by the producer who now owns the patent for these unsafe, seed products. Somehow, these seeds seem to find their way onto the private farmer's property, and they are sued out of existence, or forced to sign a non disclosure statement to settle the case. 

If you doubt what I say here, about our food supply, and/or the results of factory farming, and such, please, look for the following documentaries. You may or may not find them in stores that sell DVDs, but you will find them on

* King Corn 
* Food Matters * Food Inc. 
* What's on Your Plate? 
* The Future of Food 
* Deconstructing Dinner
* Big River

These are just a few of the documentaries that are available to help you increase your chances of living to a healthy ripe old age, instead of living in sickness and misery.  These are just a few of the ways that technology is affecting our lives.

If you can't pronounce what's in your prepackaged food, should you even eat it?   I can pronounce these ingredients, and I have looked them up online, and have found out that they are either toxic, or as many are, they are by-products of the petroleum industries waste that cannot be disposed of cheaply or efficiently.  So, they just add it to our food supply.  It's full of artificial ingredients, including petroleum by-products, and even toxins. Why would you feed your body poison on purpose? 

In our day, technology is proving to be a two-edged sword. 
The gap widens, and will continue to do so.

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