Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is The United States Unique Among Nations?

When People From Diverse Backgrounds Converge
Since I am a person who likes to try new and different things, I am probably listing more than only five of cultural options in our culture, because, like it or not, things do change. If you don't or cannot change with it, or adjust, you will be one miserable person. 

The United States is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, there are so many things available here, than in practically any other country. With people from all over the world living here, whether legally or not, they naturally have brought with them, their customs, including dietary basics, as well as the way they raise their children.

African Art
In the western portion of the United States, one can find reflected, so many cultures. While many are blended into society, while others tend to maintain their own original culture. Here, there is a wide assortment of clothing styles, as well as home design, and especially are the various cultures reflected in food. 

Homemade Chili Beans
Cowboy Food?
There are still places that serve dishes considered American, but even that is very individualized by community and lifestyle. There are certainly many restaurants that serve food considered by many as "Cowboy" or "Western" dishes, and others that serve primarily dishes considered "Southern," and others that serve "Soul Food." 

It is almost impossible to live anyplace in the country without seeing restaurants serving authentic Mexican and El Salvadorian dishes. Just in my own community, there are restaurants that serve dishes from very many countries, such as Indian, Tai food, Japanese, as well as Chinese dishes. Mexican Restaurants abound in the valley, with design, and price ranges all over the board, from little places where the owner is both manager, and cook. Others have extensive menus and many well dressed servers. These places even have professional Chef, who prepare authentic dishes, which are absolutely wonderful. 
Oriental Architecture
Dining Chinese Style
The Oriental culture has emphasized the importance of education, and family values, as well as their various culinary delights. As anyone should be able to see, there are Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, as well as may other types of restaurants in many cities across the country. 

Since so many people from the Middle East have also moved into the country, it is not unusual to see women wearing the style of clothing, including head coverings, and more and more Mosques, being built in many areas, as well. 

There are also more people whose families, or even themselves originated in the African countries, so they have introduces their wonderfully colorful fabrics, as well as many types of art forms from their countries of origin. 

I am not numbering these things, as they are individual to each group, and so they are important to each culture where these things originated, and they have blended well into the American culture. During the early 1900s, more and more people began entering the United States, from more European countries, and also brought with them, such as their recipes, styles of dress, etc. 
Culture With Bagpipes

With so many different nationalities represented in the U.S., many new words have also blended into the English language, as well. In many communities, there are groups of people from some of these countries, who have chosen to gather and form a community which resembles the place they were from. Many therefore, live much as they did, and many continue speaking their original tongue. These people may even sell foods they prepare which they were accustomed to eating in their native land, before ever coming to the United States. 

Learning a new language is useful to all concerned, and can actually open new horizons to all concerned. If a person cannot read street signs in their new habitat, that alone handicaps them, as well as others who may be exposed to their lack of understanding laws, traffic signs, and even important information on ingredient labels.

Seafood Variety
While being open to change is certainly important, some people do not readily make such changes in their life.  There are others who may be prejudice, while others are completely open to learning and accepting the differences between races, and cultures which they may not be familiar.

Variety in Cooking
When I was growing up, there were almost no females who wore pants of any kind, and in school, it was actually against the rules for girls to wear anything other than dresses or skirts and blouses.  I had to have a note from my doctor instructing the school that I must be allowed to wear pants, due to illness, and the fact that I was never to get chilled, I must remain covered and warm.

Inappropriate in GOD's House?
Today, things are radically different, with both women and men, as well as younger children barely dressing at all in many instances, even going to school.  I personally have seen men wearing denim pants to church, along with sloppy shoes and shirts.  Women also dress down in many cases whether they are going shopping, to school, or even to church.  

It is also important that we do our best to be peaceable with others, while not accepting behavior that is or may be unacceptable to society in general.  For example, in some places, where water may be a scarce commodity, people may only bathe once a week, or they may drink wine with every meal, since water that may be available could be unsanitary for drinking, and wine is safer as well as beneficial for their general health.

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