Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It Was Supposed To Cool Down Today

August 3, 2011 @  212.8 degrees
©PK Hawk
Try this one for comfort.  The last two days were at 110 degrees, and the weather reports said it would be in the 90s.  Today was supposed to be cooler. That's something just about everyone was looking forward to.  However, right this minute, it's 2:04 PM, on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, and it is now, 112.8 degrees under my gazebo, and only 2% humidity.

Inside, with the air conditioner running, it's 82 degrees with 29% humidity.  I was planning to go out for Chinese, at my favorite Chinese buffet, but just as I was contemplating actually going anywhere, I opened my e-mail, and there, just waiting for me was the Wednesday Papa John's Pizza Online special for the day, a whole 25% off of any pizza they make.

My Lunch Today
Papa John's Thin Crust Pizza
©PK Hawk
I ordered a large, thin crust pizza, with extra sauce, double Roma tomatoes, double Bell Peppers, Portabella  mushrooms.  I also ordered it double-cut for smaller slices.  I even got my 25% discount, to boot.  A very sweet young lady delivered it, and although I was planning to just eat three slices, but something in my stomach was gnawing away, so I ate half of it.  You must bear in mind that this was like a cracker crust, and all veggies, save for the cheese and sauce.

My dogs are again just lying about the house, and  enjoying the air conditioning, except for Sequoia Dawn, of course.  She was snoozing right in front of the screen door,  with the sun shining almost directly on her.  I guess indoor temperatures in the mid 80s isn't warm enough for her.

Peanut, my five pound Chihuahua is lying right snuggled up next to me in my seat, and shows no sign of discomfort.  Snow Bear is again crashed out on the carpet next to the sofa.  Buddy Cat, as usual is lounging on my bed, much as he did yesterday, and the day before that.
Buddy Cat on My Bed
©2010 PK Hawk

The weather forecast for tomorrow again says it will be slightly cooler, but personally, I think I will just wait and see for myself.  After all,  once Monday's 110 temperature hit, we were told it would be slightly cooler on Tuesday.  When that didn't happen, they gave the same story for today, Wednesday.  Well, they sure blew that call, didn't they.  The last time I looked, and simple math tells me that 112, and almost 113, is hotter than 110 degrees.

The hottest I have seen it in this area was in 1993, when it hit 115 degrees one day, and 118 the next.

Happy summer, everyone,
PK Hawk

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