Friday, August 5, 2011

Do You Have A Favorite Season Of The Year?

To me it would be difficult to have a favorite month, for I would have to wait eleven months for it to come again. I have many things I like about every season... 

I am not sure I actually have a very favorite month. I love something about every month. Since it's easier to describe the seasons:

Blooming Spring Flowers
Spring Foal
I love spring, for all the new growth, new leaves popping from the trees awaking from the dormancy of the winter, chilly mornings, with warming days. Birds gathering the materials for new nests, and nurseries selling seedlings of practically everything from veggies, to seasonal flowering colorful plants for those who enjoy adding the seasonal colors to their yard, welcoming warmer weather on the way. 

Canada Goose With Goslings
Bear Cub in Spring

Wildlife is showing it's newborn also. Fauns, tiny baby cottontails, and depending on where you live, or vacation, you may see even young moose, elk, and bear cubs. 


Ahhh, Summertime

Running in Park
Now is the time when people go camping in places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and even into areas of wilderness, such as Alaska. Wildlife is showing all it's newly growing flora and fauna.

Changing Colors of  Autumn
Now  that summer is on the wane, temperatures begin to take a downturn, and the mornings begin to have a crisper feel.   Evening temperatures quickly begin to head downward, inviting evening fires, with the wonderful aroma of burning wood, as smoke lazily rises from chimneys and and leaf burning fires. 

Of course before those leaves can be burned, they first take on an entirely different array of colors, ranging from yellow, to red and purple, and finally dead, dry brown and tan. As they fall from the deciduous trees, they begin to float on gentle breezes, until the days cool even more, and the air takes on a new feel, with falling leaves taking flight on the now gusting chillier wind. Animals are now in a hurry to gather and eat all they can, for soon winter will be here.   
Autumn on a Country Road

Hoof prints
in the snow
Now millions of trees are bare. Their hauntingly beautiful bare branches reaching skyward in the light of the moon and stars.  Bears and many other mammals go into their dens, some to hibernate, while others have dug deeper underground, living off the bounty of roots and nuts they have gathered while there was still time.  Now, they all await the warmer day so far off.  

Many bird species have long since left in flocks to warmer weather in more southerly climates. 

All trees except for firs and related evergreens bare. 

Shoveling Snow in Winter
Snow is finally falling, covering mountains and everything there with the most beautiful blanket of white that is like a lovely dream.  The earth takes on an eerie silence, save the sound of an occasional cracking branch, while hungry herds of deer and elk, search, pawing at the snow covered frozen ground for any tid-bit of plant life to satisfy the stomach and it's rumbling sound. 

Winter's snows also bring days for people to go skiing, snowball fights, ice skating on frozen ponds, chains on tires of the vehicles they use to get from here to there. 

Heaters and radiators are busily pumping heat into the millions of homes, where people take refuge from the freezing cold. It's also the time for all those lovely pumpkin pies, and heart warming meals, that may add a few pounds to be shed when warmer weather eventually rolls around.

Winter Walkers
Children are all bundled with warm winter clothing, and snow boots, on their way to school. When they get home in the cold afternoon, it's time to play outdoors in the soft crunching snow, with all the running and sledding they can cram into the shorter hours of daylight.

Hot chocolate, hot apple cider warm their tummies when the finally go back inside, and have a wonderful stick to your ribs dinner. It's a good time for families to sit around the evening fire, and read bedtime stories, or watch some TV before going to bed, and waiting until the morning's light, to do it all again, until finally some warmer days begin to start melting the snow. Now, slowly, spring is again on the way.

Winter Foods

All seasons of the year

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