Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Makes Me Nervous and What I Did About It

What Does It Take to Relax?
For many years, I was under the impression that I was just a nervous type individual. However; Over time, I discovered how much diet, pollution and the toxins and food additives and processed food items have affected my overall health, as well as my allergies, as well as my nerves. 

Not unlike many other people, I was under the assumption that the FDA had our health in mind, and was in control of the quality of our foodstuff. Well in a way, they are, but the people in charge of the FDA are mostly people who were working with the drug companies, and with oil producing companies, too. These people either really don't care about the public at large, or are as brainwashed as are the doctors who listen to everything they are spoon fed by drug companies. 

Work Stress Getting You Down?
Since I have drastically changed my diet, eating only whole grains, and plenty of fresh vegetable and fresh fruit, and avoiding as much as possible instant/ready to stick into the microwave types of food, as humanly possible, I am healthier than I have actually been in my entire life. 

Stress Headache?
That may seem to some of you as a bit off topic, but let me assure you, it certainly is a direct hit. Did you know that when you eat something that contains refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup, for example, your body knows with in seconds, or at least within a few minutes that something has invaded the sanctity of your body, and it is on the attack. Your blood pressure rises, and your heart rate speeds up, which is letting you know that all is not well inside you. If you suddenly, for no legitimate reason you begin to feel on edge, and jittery, you can bet your bottom dollar that you ate something that either has artificial something in it, and bit by bit, you will start becoming allergic or sensitive to more and more of the things you have eaten all your life, seemingly with no ill affects. When your body has taken in so much unnatural junk, it can no longer process it out of your system, as your liver and kidneys are overloaded with toxins, and other chemicals which they cannot unload. At one time in my life, I had a hair analysis done. Would you believe I had so much arsenic in my system, that is was literally off the chart? Well I did, and it was. I had to undergo a whole year of chelation therapy, along with about $400.00 per month of detoxification, and nutrition, which was suggested by a qualified nutritionist and I found a doctor who was serious about natural nutrition, who wrote a prescription for all that, and my insurance paid the entire bill. It was still much cheaper than if I had tried to do the same thing using a regular doctor, and I ended up a whole lot healthier. My regular doctor had no idea what to do to help me. 

Healthy All Cell Detox, Immunity Booster,
Thyroid Support and Natural Super Supplement Vitamins
along with a healthy diet makes a lot of difference.
It's time more people looked seriously at how their food, water and the air we all breathe affects each and every one of us, and started a good program of eating seriously healthy and organic fruits and vegetables, along with a detox program of natural herbal mixes do do just that, detoxify your body. 

Bear in mind though, that if you try to detox too rapidly, you will get flu like symptoms, as your body is dumping toxic waste too rapidly. This process could take weeks or even months, and possibly years to complete, as you didn't get that way overnight. If you are loaded with heavy metals, you will need chelation therapy, also available through a educated nutritionist. There are many herbal remedies which can help cleanse your body of all the artificial and toxic things which you have taken in, through food, breathing the air around you, as well as water, and medicines taken even as long ago as in your childhood. 

Don't forget too, that it is ultra important to drink lots of clean, pure water.  Water helps your body flush all that pollution, and chemicals from your system.  If your fingers and hands seem somewhat swollen, you need more water.  Cold water is more beneficial, as it helps boost your metabolism,  which helps your body to function more efficiently , too. 

Personally, I have used products from Arbonne, Nature's Sunshine, and Market America to improve my own health, and I have learned that what I eat affects not only whether or not I catch the flu or pneumonia, but it also had affected my nerves, and my nervous system as well. 

Presently, I use mostly products from Nature's Sunshine, as they are working well, and overall, they are more reasonably  priced, which means a lot to my budget, and aids me in being able to afford more healthy, whole foods, and fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I have also learned that eating more dried beans, and brown rice has helped me finally, for the first time in my life, actually to get my fingernails to be strong enough that they no longer tear like paper, and most of the ridges which ran the length of my nails have disappeared as well. I also eat lots of almonds and peanut butter, and instead of cows milk, I drink unpasteurized goats milk, and avoid most cheeses on the super market shelves. 

Remember, "You are what you eat," in more ways than one. 

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