Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do You Still Take or Read a Newspaper?

Do you believe everything that is printed in your paper, or presented in the news as fact?

News with a grain of salt?
Many people have stopped taking a newspaper years ago. It seldom had accurate information, and many things which happened that should have been printed were either left untold, or were inaccurate. It's gotten so that you can seldom take the news a face value. Many formerly well respected newspapers are losing readers by the thousands and millions, and it has less to do with reading it online or watching it on TV than they would have you believe. More and more, the newspapers are slanted toward the side they want told, instead of telling the whole story. Newspapers lost readers also because they were printing more ads than actual news, as well. Of course now, even ads have fallen off. Our local radio station is offering more detailed, and more accurate reports of the events which they air, and they even complain about the largest paper who nearly always slants the news to mislead people. 

A few years ago, two young women were attacked and seriously injured by several minority teenaged young women, and were nearly killed. Yet, this particular newspaper slanted the story to make it appear that the women who were attacked had instigated the confrontation. Many eye witnesses were interviewed who were of the same ethnicity as the attackers, and even though they said that the women who were attacked had done nothing to provoke the attack, the paper still kept silent on that part of the story. A man who was of the same race as the attackers actually stopped the attackers from killing the women being attacked. Do you think that part of the story was told in the offending paper, NO WAY. This paper is, or was the largest paper in the entire west coast.  Several other papers and a few other news agencies did report the story more accurately, but that paper never did print a clarification of the actual events of that story, as they have also done in many other cases. 

Investigative reporting has pretty much vanished from the scene. For decades the news on TV has been presented in a slanted way, and they seem to make it into more of a talk show, with banter between the talking faces who are supposed to be reporting the news. 

Recently, in my area, there was a huge law enforcement dragnet and invasion, with several different branches of the law, ranging from the local Sheriff, FBI, etc. which took over an entire neighborhood. No one really knew who they were after, or what they wanted. Do you think that ever made it even to the local paper? No indeed. Nor did it make it to the internet log of the local law enforcement. 

Just a few days ago, some man was hit and killed along a main road just a few miles from my home. All that showed up in the paper was that they were looking for a Ford F-250, with a damaged right-front fender. There was no mention even of a light-colored or dark-colored vehicle. There was never any followup story, either. 

Over the past twenty or so years, just in the area I live in, there have been many things which remain untold. These were events which most of the people living in the area saw some pretty serious activity, and yet, it showed up no place, in the local paper, or news. It just happened, and was kept silent.  Many people I know don't just take the news for what is told. They actually check news sources from all over the world, and dig to find the truth on many subjects. 


  1. A much needed expose about the news corps! Wish more people would take the time,or have the time,to investigate for Truth. I haven't bought a newspaper in over 5 years. (unless one of my kids was in a photo.)My husband watches cable news much of the evening but not for information. He wants to know what new distortions have arisen so he has a chance to tell others what they are swallowing is bunk! Great blog!

  2. As of today's date, I have not heard one more word about this killing, the truck, or anything else having to do with this case. Someone is still putting flowers in the place he was killed in October 2011