Monday, October 3, 2011

The Rains May Fall in Southern California

©2011 PK Hawk
Since it's finally the Autumn of the year of 2011, and even though our four or five year drought is officially over, the area in which I live, has been passed over even with a few rainstorms affecting several nearby counties.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4th brings with it, a reasonable likelihood of at least some rain, increasing to 40% by evening, and 70 to 80% by Wednesday.

©2011 PK Hawk
I now need to get some very minor repairs done to the vent pipes on my roof.  They haven't leaked, at least so far, but the epoxy on them is showing signs of some slight shrinking.  I have the materials, just need to climb up there and get it done, today.  I also need to get my banking and shopping done today.  It looks like today is going to be a busy one for me, so I will sign off for now, and since it's already after 8:00 AM, I need to have breakfast and get ready to take care of business today.

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