Monday, October 3, 2011

Invaders of the Brain

The Human Brain
You may already read the last report regarding my friend, Colista finding out that she has two tumors which apparently have been in her brain for several years.  She has finally had the necessary tests performed to find out if they are cancerous or not, you may be relieved at least somewhat to learn that they are not cancer.

Colista has an appointment with her specialist tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, 2011.  You see, as a person who thankfully survived a ruptured brain aneurysm in about 2003, Colista has already had at least two brain surgeries, and though she has some lingering physical disabilities from the damage done to several parts of her brain and nervous system, she is doing remarkable well.  Colista takes medication to help prevent small intermittent seizures which were not visible to the uninformed person, but were affecting her emotions and her personality.  Finally, she realized she was no longer her old self, as did I long before she did.   It was a case of being patient, and letting her realize something was not quite right, and that she would have to adjust and make allowances for the fact that she would have to learn how to compensate for now having a faulty memory, and needing help in controlling her impulses.  She now keeps notes to remind her of things which she really needs to do, and that she is not  indestructible.  We spent a few hours together yesterday, and had a chance to talk about her options.
Where things happen
in the brain

I am very proud of her, as she is one who will face her enemy head on, and learn all she can about what she is facing, and make a plan on how she will deal with it.  Colista found a book at CostCo, which is large, not unlike a coffee table book. Only this book is all about the brain, with pages and pages of photos of MRI slices of the brain, explaining the functions of the various sections.  She is taking that book with her tomorrow, and plans to have her doctor  explain exactly where the damage is, and what symptoms she may expect, and how to recognize when she needs to plan on any necessary surgeries, to help forestall the possible eventuality of more brain surgery.  Colista is already a person who eats good healthy food, and though as many people do, she occasionally does eat things which she may be better off not eating.  She will make all the necessary adjustments, believe me, as she is always striving to learn as much about health and nutrition as she possible can.

There are a couple of damaged areas in her brain from when she had the aneurysm, which contain scar tissue, and though the doctor explained that to her, she wants more detail, so she can understand better exactly how that affects, or will affect her in any way.

Look out tumors, Colista is out for damage control, and she won't quit until she knows she has done everything she can do to take care of her health, and will even be trying to see if changing her diet may possibly repair the affected areas, and maybe even kill and destroy the two enemies which she only recently discovered were stalking her, secretly and from within.

Colista already knows that keeping the body in an alkaline state will destroy most if not all invaders into the body of man and beast, so she is cutting back even more on such things as sugar, artificial sweeteners, and processed, prepackaged foods, as well as any grains which are not whole, and unprocessed.

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