Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And The Rains Came

Horse and Rider at One With Nature
Many people who live in Southern California are happily getting some much needed rain today.  Yesterday, in scattered areas we also got a few drops, though large, they only lasted a few minutes, and while some residents saw no sprinkles at all, in other nearby areas, it actually required turning on the wiper blades, if only for about five minutes.

Today however, it has actually gotten roofs and plants wet, and at the present time, there is still a gently falling, pleasant sounding pitter-patter on the awnings over my windows, and even the sound of water dripping from the tree which overhangs my skylights.  I don't know about you, but I love rain.  I like walking in the rain, listening to the pitter-pat on my umbrella as I walk along.  I enjoy skipping over puddles, unless I am wearing rain boots, in which case I gladly slop through the water.  Years ago, when I was able to ride my horse, we both loved sharing a wonderful ride in the mud and water.  Dusty didn't mind the water falling all over her, any more than I did.  A couple of times, my sister and I would even stop in at a local store, if it started raining, buy a small box of those heavy lawn and leaf bags, cut a hole just large enough for out head to fit through, mount our horses, and off we'd go again, happily riding along.  Since we were actually covered from head to knee in dark green plastic bags, it was so funny to watch people driving along, staring at two grown women covered in big plastic trash bags. They would open their car's window and make some really funny comments about us looking like "the Fruit of the Loom Guys," plodding along in pouring rain, just laughing and singing,  (No, we weren't drinking, either).  Dusty always traveled with more of a jogging gait when it was more exciting, such as the rain falling, or when she knew I was about to encourage her to run in areas which were safe to do so when it wasn't raining.

Tomorrow, the rain should fall heavier than today, and weather reports say it may even rain at least some the day after, as well.  Some heavy rain is expected tomorrow.  Oh, if only I could ride a horse today, I would certainly be out in that lovely cleansing rain.  It feels so wonderful even running down my face if it rains hard enough.  I really do miss riding.  Dusty is no longer living, as I had to have her put down about nine years ago, when she was twenty-seven and a half years old.  I had Dusty for seventeen years, and she was so special.  I am very grateful that I had some really wonderful horses over the years.  Each one was different in their own way, and each one had a really bad reputation when I got them.  I was determined that they would not end up being sold to horse killers, and with patience and determination, they overcame their "issues," and we had some really great times together.

Oh, I really feel like riding a horse out into the lake today, with rain falling all around.  This is so far, a pleasant rain, without gusty winds or lightning and thunder, just the sort of weather that is absolutely wonderful for horse and rider.

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