Monday, October 17, 2011

What Language Did Adam and Eve Speak?

The Bible says that before the Flood, all mankind "continued to be of one language and of one set of words." (Gen. 11:1) The Bible indic...


  1. After the Flood, mankind continued "being of one language [literally," lip "] and a single set of words" for some time. (Ge 11:1.) The Bible indicates that the language later called Hebrew was the "one language" original. This does not mean that all other languages ​​were derived from the Hebrew and are related to it, but Hebrew preceded all other languages.

  2. Yes Lindsay, until Jehovah confused their languages to prevent them from continuing work on the tower, and so they would scatter to the distant parts of the earth as he had told them to do.

    BTW, Jim Rose was also a JW that my dad worked along side of at the Los Angeles Convention we attended in June or July 1955. We stayed at my Aunt Helen's home for the convention, but she never did take the truth to heart. Now, when she is resurrected, she will have the surprise of her life.