Thursday, June 23, 2011

Unusual Law Enforcement Activity

Heavily Armed Law Enforcement
Without mentioning the exact location, I will tell you about some pretty odd activity which occurred locally on Tuesday, June 21, 2011.  I received a message on my answering device that said to call back as there was an emergency where this person lives.

When I called, I was told that their small neighborhood was full of law enforcement from the local police, the local sheriff's department, as well as the FBI.  They also said that there were squad cars all over their area, as well as helicopters, and even more law enforcement on several motorcycles, too.

This person also said that they, (law enforcement) were apparently chasing a couple of men, one of which seemed to be chasing the other one, yelling words to the effect that if he caught him he would,"shut him up." I know this area to have police activity from time to time, due to drug activity, as well as other more petty crimes, and there have also been more than one resident of the area found murdered, with the bodies being found off site, along another main road in the area.

We don't know
if the people being chased were even caught
While this informant is prone to getting a bit too excited about things sometimes, they are not a liar.  So, I knew something had to be going on there.   I telephoned friend who happens to work just down the road from where I got the first report.

They also said there were squad cars, with officers, as well as FBI, stationed about one hundred feet apart all up and down that road.  according to this person, there were lots of helicopters as well.  This person, also said that the motorcycles that were being driven by officers, who were dressed much different than we are used to seeing, and that the bikes  looked nothing like we all are accustomed to seeing, nor did they remotely look or sound like the usual motorcycles used by any law enforcement they had ever seen.  I was told by this person that the motorcycles looked like something out of a science fiction movie.  They were almost completely quite, as if they may actually have been electric, or have some special system which made them nearly silent.  I have personally known this person for more than twenty-five years, and they are known for being truthful.

I needed to make a run to my local auto parts store which is about three to four miles from all the activity, and along the way, I noticed an unusual amount of police and/or sheriff's cars here and there, as well.
Police Chase in Small Community
Most residents are quite, hard working people, but,
someone decided to lead authorities on a chase,
though the neighborhood, while temperatures
soared to more than 100 degrees
©2010 PK Hawk
 I inquired later in the evening of a few neighbors to see if they had heard anything about the goings on, and was told that yes, they had certainly heard about it, and that another local area, less than a mile from where I live, was also apparently covered pretty heavily with law enforcement and their vehicles. No one said anything about hearing sirens, either.  There was at least one other small section of the local area that was also getting a lot of attention, as it has always been known for having many unsavory characters who not only visit, but who also live there.

Yesterday, and today, I looked up all law activity in the area, as well as in the entire county, and there was not one word about it.

I telephoned the person who originally called me again, to let them know I could not find anything at all about the happening, which certainly was a show of force, the likes this area has probably never seen, nor will likely ever see again.  I was told that they called all of the local, Los Angeles area television stations to see if they had any further information about this happening.  They were told that they knew nothing about it, and showed nothing going on in this area which was reported as being newsworthy.

I do not know how many of you listen to late night talk radio, but I have heard people who call in from all across the country who say they have had similar things going on in their state.  Yet, nothing ever shows up in the news, or even online about what happened.

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