Friday, June 24, 2011

New Electric Motorcycles?

If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I mentioned that several people commented on the motorcycles that were being used by several officers involved in a heavily manned show of law enforcement in several areas here locally.

While nothing is being said about why so many officers from at least three branches of law enforcement, I have found out that those "space age" looking bikes being used are something new that may have only recently been added.

From what I heard, the bikes were very quite, and were black.  This makes me wonder if that is wise.  It is well known that black is a difficult color to see, which may be good for being a little more invisible, when it comes to catching the "bad guys," but it also makes them more difficult for drivers to see them on the road, in general.  Then, adding to that, the fact that these are electric, being very quite, similar to the Toyota Prius, really makes me wonder if they will be actually unsafe for the officers using these new cycles.  I recall that many people who have been involved in accidents with the Toyota Prius state that the car is too quiet, making it very difficult for people with hearing problems or the blind, to even know it is approaching.  In this case, I worry for the safety of the officers driving these new bikes.  I think we will be seeing more officers being severely injured and killed due to this combination of black and silent.

There are already many deadly accidents involving motorcycles, and that's with most of them making it easy to hear.  Just imagine yourself driving with your radio on in your vehicle, and something black and nearly silent coming up on your side, when you may make a lane change, or simply a slight adjustment in your own lane.  Most officers do maintain their position in the lane, unlike many  freeway bike drivers.  Still, I think this is a recipe for disaster.

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