Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have You Ever Explored An Old Abandoned House or Other Building?

Old Abandoned Red Brick Building
Wow, old abandoned buildings can have either or both effects on people. Much of course would depend on how much history is already known about the place or building in question. 

When I was about seven years-old, my family lived briefly in an old wood-frame in southern Georgia. That place had been uninhabited for some time, as it was rather dusty, and really needed some serious cleaning and some TLC, as well. The house did have an owner, but since this was only a very small, unincorporated farming community, there really were not people beating a path to the door of the owner, seeking to rent or to buy the place. 

Old Abandoned Farm House
The water was drawn from a well on the screened-in back porch. It wasn't what most people think of today or maybe even then as what a well would look like. The framework was old wood, with a crossbeam hanging over the wells opening, and instead of a wooden bucket that you see in movies, or in old pictures, the "bucket" consisted of a piece of sheet metal pipe, that had a rope tied to it, and from there, it was on a wheel which had a handle for turning so as to bring the water up from the well. 

There was a sort of yard around the place which was overgrown with dead vegetation, as well as an open well, that only had a very old board over it, that anyone stepping on, might fall through, possibly drowning. The hole was hardly noticeable, and was not easily seen. I nearly stepped on the board myself. My mothers called and warned me just in time. 

The kitchen sink was without faucets, and only had a drain so the waste water could drain out and somewhat away from the house. That tube-shaped "bucket" must have been about two feet long, so it could hold enough water to make it worth your effort to draw it up at all. 

It only took a few days for my parents to discover they would have been better off to look elsewhere for a place to live, as we discovered there were wicked spirits attached to the place. 

One night, while my older sister was sleeping, she was awaken by what seemed to me our mother calling her name. When she answered, there was no reply. So, a little spooked, she turned on the bedroom light, and started down the hall to our parents bedroom. When she opened the door, both of our parents were sound asleep. Thinking that she must have been dreaming, she returned to her bed, and again, she heard Mom's voice calling her name again. This time, she was fully awake, and was now getting frightened. She called Mom again, only this time she called loud enough that Mom heard her, and came to see what she wanted. 

Very old cemetery and warn headstones
have many a story to tell about the people
who once lived and died there.
Vi asked Mom if she had indeed called her, and maybe gone back to sleep, to which Mom said with no uncertainty that she had definitely not called her, either time. Mom got Vi settled again in bed, and returned again to her room, and told Dad about what had just happened. They decided that they would wait to see if it happened again, just to be sure Vi wasn't imagining it. 
The following night, it happened again, but this time, Mom and Dad were still awake. Although they heard nothing calling Vi, they certainly did hear Vi answering the call, and when no one answered, they heard Vi call loudly for Mom, asking again if she had called her name. 

From studying the scriptures, we were aware that there are evil spirits that can try to fool people, or to frighten them, and since the situation would only be happening again, we moved as soon as my parents could find another place to live. 

Of course not every old building is "haunted" by spirits, but there are many that are. 

Exploring old homes and/or other buildings, can be fun as well as educational, and there are times, when one may even discover lost treasure, or relics of the past, which were left by persons who may have lived there or worked there many years ago.

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