Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are your young offspring really ready for life in the real world, without leaning on you for everything? Do they know how to shop for real food, and how to cook it from scratch? Can they manage a back account without becoming overdrawn?

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I think many, if not most of today's youth have missed out on learning what life is all about. They are so accustomed to getting all the newest toys and the latest electronic gizmos, that they don't seem to understand the reality of living and working, saving for things they may want or need. They take if for granted that mom and dad will provide for them just about anything their little heart desires.

Today's youth don't seem to understand the word "NO," should even be in their parent's vocabulary.

Many of the youth of today, don't even know how to cook a meal. Their life consists of "fast food," or something prepared from a box of artificial additives and artificially colored and preserved toxic, fake food, and they as well as many in the medical community wonder why there are so many obese and early diabetic people walking around the country today.

There needs to be more attention paid to proper preparation of real food from scratch, and more attention to learning to read labels on foods on grocery store shelves. They don't necessarily have to plan on becoming a "chef," but they should learn how to shop for healthy, fresh and "real foods,' that were not genetically modified to resist weed killers, and produce more than the natural amount of natural pesticides.

They also should have to take a course on working for their money, and learning how to manage the money they earn, whether by really earning money through working a limited amount of time, or doing something to earn stage money, and have to plan on how the money will be spent, and how they will pay their pretend bills and buy the food they will prepare and eat.

They also need to learn about the realities of reproduction, and raising a family that has a real mother and father living together in the same house and actually are able to live without help from the state or federal government to lean on, while they order out pizza and KFC, etc.

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  1. You are so right Helen! Not only is fast food terrible for the body in large amounts, it's so very expensive!
    Many families are "on the go" and if "mom" gets home at 6:00pm she needs to be extra resourceful. Crock pot cooking and pre-preparing meals is an important skill for the busy generation. Seems it would be an exceptionally valuable class for all High Schoolers!

  2. Hello Susan, I really appreciate your contribution to the posting. Young people really do need all the help they can get for preparation for life away from their parents home.

    Maybe I should start posting some crock pot recipes for whoever is interested.

    I'm finally moved, though not completely settled. It will take a while, I'm sure. I really have been so bad about my posting with all the extra things going on in life. Hopefully, I will be back in full force in the near future.

    Give the family my best, and I hope you all have been having some wonderful weekend trips with the nicer weather. It's very comfortable weather here these days.