Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Do You feel About Public Speaking?

Public Speaking
I enjoy public speaking, moreso when I am addressing children. I enjoy two-way communication, getting their input, and answering their questions. I have noticed that when I open a tell me about your pet session, or a Q&E session, the children open up, and really talk. Even rather shy children start talking, and sharing their stories, and asking questions. Of course, there are times when I have addressed audiences more advanced, from middle school, to teens, to senior citizens. I still enjoy it more when my audience is involved. It appears that they also get more enjoyment, even persons who at first were quite, and somewhat self conscience about speaking up in front of the group. When they can ask questions and share their thoughts, things get lively, and we all can have a good time sharing information and experiences. They tend to gain more and retain more of the information I am there to share, when they can interact, and don't just have to sit like bumps on a log, and listen to this total stranger. 

If speaking is all one-sided, your audience can get bored, and lose interest. I think it's important to include one's audience, so you can find out what's on their minds, and to be sure you have covered what's important to them, and that you haven't just been droning on, and left them in la-la land, wishing they were someplace else. If you are talking just to hear yourself, then you are missing the point of the whole mission. 

Teaching about miniature pigs as pets

Many of my sessions are related to pets, and their care, spay and neither, training, and how to know when you are ready to adopt a pet. We often discuss what kinds of pets people have, as well as how their pet lives, what they eat, etc. Often, young children love sharing things their pet does. After all, what may be old hat to me, or another adult, is a whole new experience to a young child. 

I have taken cats, dogs, potbellied pigs, and yes, even snakes with me to share with my audience.  These are especially appreciated by children, as well as many of their parents, who also came along to listen and be with their child during the assembly.
Rescued Chihuahua
Placed in her new home
by another rescuer.

I often share my own childhood times with children, as they only see me as I now am, and unless I can help them relate to me as I was as a child, they may just think this old lady is not in tune with them and their present experiences. 

This is a rescued little dog that was placed in her new home by a fellow rescuer in the Palm Springs area.

One of my two Banded California King Snakes
©2010 PK Hawk
I even took two pet Ball Pythons to share at a school assembly.  The students were allowed to line up and look at the snakes, up close, and even to touch them if they chose.  The snake on the right will be four years old on August 9th, 2011.  I took it and it's clutch-mate in as rescues the day they hatched.  A neighbor of a friend had taken in the mother snake when someone had captured her while she was full of eggs.  Rather than chance the female snake dying from her experience, she was sheltered and cared for, until the eggs were laid, and she was out of danger.  The eggs were put into an incubator to allow any fertile eggs to hatch.  The young snakes were not sold, but were given to people who were known to be responsible and who would take care of them.  

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