Monday, June 27, 2011

Nails Or No Nails, That Was The Question

Lovely Strong Nails

 If only I could recall the name. It was back in the early 1980s that I discovered a formula that one could apply to their fingernails, that really worked in developing strong fingernails. 

This product was easily available in Orange County, California when we lived there. I have always had weak nails that tear or break way too easily. Once I started using this product, I was actually able to turn screws with my fingernail. It was not, of course as tight as you would do using a screwdriver, but it was still pretty secure. 
When we moved to the Inland Empire, also in California in 1984, I was no longer able to find this product. It was something that obviously was absorbed into the nail, and since it was not waterproof, it needed to be applied three times a day, or after washing your hands. Still, it worked, and my nails actually grew longer, as well as stronger. 

Only recently, I have discovered a health, protein drink that really strengthens my nails. I have always been told that one should not overdo intake of protein, as it was too hard on one's kidneys. So, also hearing that a woman only needed about four ounces of meat, or other source of protein daily, and since I have chronic nephritis, I was usually cautious about eating too much of anything that contained protein. 

I still need to do more investigation on the subject, but so far, it seems that my body needs more protein that I was led to believe. Having lovely, strong fingernails is important, and is also a clue to one's overall health. Lovely hands and nails show off rings so nicely, too.

Take care of your hands and nails, and they will never look unattractive, or make you want to hide them.  Hands are more than tools to create and do chores.  They are also important to your general appearance as well.  If you don't take care of your nails, they will look ragged, develop hang nails, and just have an unkempt look to them.  No matter how well you dress, or fix your hair, if you hands and nails don't look well cared for, it detracts from everything else.
Nails that have grooves running lengthwise, can be a symptom that you may have a thyroid problem that needs to be taken care of.  Once, I asked my doctor about why I had developed lengthwise ridges in my fingernails, and he didn't know.  It took lots of Internet searching to find the answer.  Thinning hair is also a warning sign that your thyroid may not be functioning properly.

It is easier to recognize that when a woman's hair starts thinning, or her hairline recedes and/or begins to grow thinner, that there is an underlying health reason.  Possibly it has something to do with her body's ability to absorb nutrients from what she eats.  
If you don't get a satisfactory answer to your questions to your doctor, it's time to see a qualified, licensed, and certified nutritionist.  They can take hair samples which they will send out for analysis, which will check you for toxins, as well as many other things which can give a very good idea of your overall heath, and nutrition over a period of time, depending on the length of your hair.  They may also request a sample of pubic hair, as well, since that is hair that will likely be free of chemicals, such as things used to color or curl you hair.  They will also ask you the brand names of products such as deodorants, shampoos, etc. that you have used over the past several months. 

It's a worthwhile investment in your health, as well as your appearance, and your peace of mind.

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