Saturday, June 11, 2011

How Do You Feel About Cheating and Lying?

Crooked business or lawyer?
Cheating spouses, cheating students, tax cheats, cheating your employer, cheating businesses? When do you think it's OK to cheat? Who has cheated you out of something? Did you like it?
When a person cheats, even if they are never found out, they are the real loser. If you cheat on exams in school, or use someone elses work as your own, unless you are a sociopath, it will haunt you for the remainder of your life. 

If you cheat and lie to get a job, eventually it will become clear to your employer that things are no kosher, and that you lied at the very least. Misrepresenting your educational achievements will sooner or later become obvious, and you will possibly be investigated, and fired for lying on your employment application. 

Sure, many people must be buying fake diplomas online, or they wouldn't be selling so many. It's really no different than using a fake passport, or driver license. It's still fake, even if no one finds out. 

What do you expect your friends and relatives and/or your children will think of you when they finally find out that your whole life has been a compilation of lies, even to them? Will they feel they can respect and trust you again? 

Lying in court is perjury, and is punishable with jail time. Lying to law enforcement is also punishable by law. But, self-respect and sleeping well at night, and looking at your face in the mirror is important, or should be, to you and those close to you. 

If you believe the Bible is the Word of GOD, then take notice that it goes against GOD's law to lie and cheat. It even refers to people who sold goods using cheating scales as being detestable. In the Bible book of John, chapter 8, and verse 44, it states that Satan the Devil is a "liar and the father of the lie," because "the truth is not in him." 

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