Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Settling In At New Place Near The Lake

Early Morning Fishing?
©2011 PK Hawk
Since I sold my home I have finally discovered that living in a smaller place allows me more time to spend walking my dogs, and actually enjoying the scenery lakeside.  Take this morning for example.  I walked the dogs down to the lakeshore, and they really enjoyed the chance to gather all the different smells of other dogs as well as jack rabbits and cottontails that frequent the area closer to the lake.  There are also several varieties of cranes that show up early in the morning as well.

This morning, we appear to be really into "June gloom." It was about 7:00 AM before I finally managed to get out and about, taking Snow Bear, Sequoia Dawn, and Peanut for their morning walk.  They could hardly wait for me to gather their leashes and take them to the waters edge.  I have been having problems with my neck and back problems for the past couple of weeks, so I have missed a few days walking the dogs, and they have really missed that.
Tall Crane Along The Shoreline
©2011 PK Hawk

There are several sizes of cranes, some white and others that are shades of gray, as well as terns and some other birds which I will have to find the names of.

I had the opportunity to take nearly fifty photos this morning, sitting on a large boulder some distance from the birds so that I would not frighten them away.

There were a few people on the water early, too. One photo I got from a distance was of someone in a motorboat with a rather powerful motor.  Once they got to an area that allowed for more speed, they suddenly took off, with spray shooting up behind their boat.  Another smaller boat, which you see above, had a couple of people who appeared to be fishing not far offshore.
Happy Boaters
©2011 PK Hawk

The low-hanging clouds hugged the hills and mountains in the area, and even homes on nearby hillsides looked rather gloomy, since no sun was shining through.  As I write this entry, it's nearly 3:00 PM, and there is still precious little sunshine today.  This week, it is supposed to stay this way, with heavy hanging clouds, and not too much actual visible sunshine.
Low Hanging June Gloom Clouds on the Mountains
©2011 PK Hawk
Even with the gloomy appearance, I was able to sleep under just one thin blanket, and even had some windows open all night, to allow fresh air to gently freshen my cozy abode.

Sequoia and Peanut still crawled under the covers, with Peanut cuddling behind my knees, and Sequoia nearer my chest.  Snow Bear had decided it was more comfortable sleeping on the floor, and even wandered into the kitchen to sleep on the cooler, uncarpeted area there.

A funny thing happened while I was out taking my photos this morning.  Recently, I discovered some new doggy treats at our local PetSmart.  These were made of duck, and were a type of jerky treat.  I have been giving the dogs one or two pieces in the morning and another piece in the afternoon.  Well, it seems that I accidentally left the bag too close to the edge of the kitchen counter, and "Buddy Cat" apparently knocked it onto the kitchen floor.

So Innocent.  Snow Bear Sleeping It Off
©2011 PK Hawk

When I got back home, the bag was nearly empty.  It just had to be Snow Bear that ate about eighty percent of what was left in the bag, as it was really packed full of wonderful smelling duck jerky when I left it there, probably last evening.  There were fewer than fifteen pieces there when I got home.  I'm still trying to figure out how those dogs managed to eat their usual breakfast after eating all that jerky.  They drank nearly all the water in their water dish, too.

Needless to say, they are all crashed out today, snoozing happily with full tummies.

One day I took Snow Bear out to the lakeshore by herself, and just let her loose so she could explore without having Sequoia and Peanut tagging along.  She really enjoyed herself, too.  I find it odd that after having about a fifth of an acre to run in for years, that the dogs seem so much happier in the smaller place, with a smaller yard. Of course I do take them walking as often as I can, daily when I can.  They act like kids in a candy store.  The neighbors seem to really like them, too. Most of the dogs in the neighborhood seem to get along well, and some are very small, while others are large dogs.
Buddy Cat
©2011 PK Hawk

Buddy the cat is curious about the outside, as he has always been.  I have not allowed him to run loose before.  I don't allow my cats to just run loose anyway, as it can be a danger to them, as well as to other animals, and I don't want my pets to be a nuisance to my neighbors, either.  I plan on building a large run in the yard for Buddy, so he can go out in the daytime when he chooses, without being injured or killed. He has no clue what's out there.  There is a dog across the way that is half Great Dane and half German Shepherd, and weighs about 135 pounds.  He is very gentle, but whose to say what could happen if my cat were to invade his private territory?

I still have things to move from my old place which I have been unable to get out so the new owner can get in and do the remodeling and changing of appliances that he planned.

Today, I thought I would be able to get the final moving finished, but I'm still having trouble doing much just now.  I got to the Chiropractor, for an adjustment, but I was such a mess, I don't think it all stayed in place.

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