Saturday, June 11, 2011

One of My Favorite Things To Do: Photography

Man WIth His Harley Overlooking the Valley
With Snow on Distant Mountains
©2010 PK Hawk

I really enjoy photographing nature in it's many forms. I like taking pictures of animals of all kinds, scenery of changing seasons, as well as of my family pets. 

I also enjoy doing commercial photography. When I create a web site for a client how has a restaurant, I do my own photography for the most part, which I can attest is of actual food served in their restaurant. 

If the client has animals, such as horses in need of adoption, I prefer taking my own shots, so I know it's an actual photo of the animal being offered. If it's for a pet groomer, I like to take the photos of pets I know for sure they groomed. 

I also enjoy taking photos of scenes around the nearby lake, as well as the birds as they fly in and alight on the water, or land in the nearby trees. I also like to get photos of people as they stroll along the beach, or just go fishing. It's all natural and relaxed. It allows my mind to wander, and take in the scenery, too. 

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