Friday, June 17, 2011

Hindsight: Do You Regret Throwing Out Some Things? If So, What and Why?

Hindsight and Looking Forward
©2010 PK Hawk
Actually, having recently sold my home and relocated, and downsized, I had to get rid of many things I have had for years; things which meant a lot to me. I gave away many things which I knew would not fit into my new, smaller place. Some things, we just sat at the end of the driveway, and put a sign that simply said, "FREE." Most things were gone the very next time I looked out there, while some things were gone by morning the following day. 

There was actually a man who happened by when we were placing my entertainment center out, along with something else, I don't recall just now. He stopped, and quickly went home, and returned with his friend and a truck, to retrieve both items.

PK Hawk with Siberian Husky
 and  daughter Sara, with Doberman, two rescued dogs
Both blind or going blind
©2000 PK Hawk
He was so grateful, that he came back the following morning and worked more than half the day to help with other work we were doing on the property. That was very kind of him, and he really was a big help, too. All I know about him, is that his name is Dave.

Helping Rescued Piggy Settle In
I donated a lot of cages, pet carriers, and a double decker cat cage to other pet rescuers, and some things to foster homes for rescued dogs, cats and potbellied pigs.

Some things I certainly could have sold, but between time, and the needs of others, knowing many people can't afford some things they may need or use, I decided it would not only be faster, but maybe those things could help others in need.

                                                                               I also threw away many books, which really bothers me, but they were books that are plentiful in libraries for a dollar or two, and I really did not have the time or energy to transport them.

Moving things which one had accumulated over decades is a large, time-consuming process, and I, being a senior citizen, and disabled, just was not up to the task.

I am glad that I was able to supply some other rescuers with housing, and cages, as well as hog panels that will be put to good use for many rescued pet cats, dogs and pot bellied pigs.

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