Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why People Need to Keep Their Pets on Their Property (FENCED IN)

PLEASE NOTE: Some photos may be considered graphic by some readers.  If you are easily upset over seeing closed wounds, you may wish to bypass this article. However,  it may also be well worth a little discomfort if it helps you to understand the message here, and to help your realize what can happen to your pet, in a fight, or attack.
Recovering from savage attack
Photos courtesy of his "Mom"

This is Bandit, a not quite grown "Mini Pin," (Miniature Pinscer) that was very nearly killed on October 26, 2010.   Bandit's Mom and Dad happen to be next-door neighbors of my older sister, and live about 2 miles from me.  They used to allow Bandit to run around their neighborhood, but thankfully, this particular day, he was tied, and wearing his harness, in his own yard.  Unfortunately their yard, while having a decorative log type fence, it is far from being secure.  Anyone, including neighbor's pets, as well as raccoons, squirrels, and other dogs and cats are able to come and go at will.

On the day of the attack, another neighbor's dog, who usually, it is said plays well with other dogs, but has also been involved in at least one previous attack.  This dog, which I understand weighs in at about 30 to 40  pounds, came into Bandit's yard and ferociously attacked Bandit, even ripping him from his harness.  By the time Bandit's Dad was able to get outside, and try to stop the attack, it had moved underneath the house.  Bandit's Dad was finally able to get the larger dog off of Bandit, but he was also bitten several times.

Bandit is very fortunate that his Mom and Dad were able to save him, and get him to the nearest veterinarian hospital within a few minutes, and he was very severely injured, and underwent major surgery in order to remove a portion of his damaged intestine, and to repair life threatening injuries.

The following photos show how extensively he was injured, with staples all the way along his body from stem to stern, so to speak, as well as from that are, up one side of his side, just past his ribcage. 

The next photos show bandit's Mom lying with Bandit on her tummy, to help him feel safe and to help him relax and begin healing. He still has a way to go, but so far, the veterinarian seems to have done a remarkable job, and helped keep infection from the damaged bowel from taking over, and killing him.

The dog which attacked Bandit is presently in quarantine as it not only tore Bandit apart, but also bit his dad in the face, hands and from what I understand, even the shoulder and chest.

That dog will be destroyed as soon as the quarantine period is over, which is about ten days from the attack.  If this were the only time the dog had bitten or attacked, it would be given a another chance, but in this case, the dog was known to have done similar things before.

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