Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Beautiful Horses

Two ice horses plowing through the snow
If I were having a party, and wanted to use an ice sculpture, I would have it made into either an Andalusian or an Arabian horse, full sized of course.

I just love horses and almost all of my friends are also crazy about horses. Horses are so graceful, and majestic. I love to see horses playing or running free. I also love to watch horse shows, which allow these spectacular creatures show off their moves, and their spirit.

Of course, there are horses for practically any need that may arise, on practically any continent on this wonderful planet. Not all breeds are quite a showy as others, yet they still have their splendor and grace. I also love the Dales Pony, which is really only a pony as measured in height. It is really a very strongly built horse, that can carry and haul much more weight than most horses.

Horses have such delicate looking legs, and yet they carry a too hundred man at breakneck speed when necessary.
Peacefully grazing horses
Horses are still used in many countries for working, while in other lands they are used for show, racing, and fancy riding, called dressage.  Dressage is akin to dancing with your horse, and the moves are so intricate and specific, it is hard to believe that such a powerful animal can make such delicate detailed moves, without the audience even noticing the leg movements of the rider, signaling the horse during the fantastically beautiful performance.
Cowboy and His Horse
Some ranches still use horses to work with cattle, sheep, and even for hunting, though many now also use quads, and even helicopters to help save time when herding cattle from one pasture to another, or when they are rounding up the larger herds for moving into pens where they are readied for shipping to slaughter houses.

Racing for the Finish Line
There are still many places in the world where people ride horses for pleasure, as well as endurance riding, over many miles, even on occasion, very long rides, such as from the border of Mexico northward to the border of Canada.  That journey usually takes approximately six months.  The horses are then kept through the winter in the north, or transported back to California, or whatever state the rider or owner lives.

Calf Roping at Rodeo, or Horse Show
Horses are still used in rodeos, in such sports as barrel racing, calf roping, and to demonstrate the way horse people cut, or separate a cow from a group of cattle.  These events are timed, and the technique of the horseman or woman are judged as well.

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