Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Lie? Lack of Respect for Oneself, and for Others

Someone once said" "I cannot tell a lie." Do you even recall who that was?
Mount Rushmore
Today's Plinky prompt asked if I lie...

No, Why would I lie? In the first place lying is wrong, and not something I participate in. Secondly, if a person tells the truth, then they certainly will not have a problem recalling later what they have said, because it was factual to begin with.

A liar is always having to try to keep track of whatever they had told someone about something, and they at sometime along the way get caught in their lie.

Criminals are always getting found out, in many cases, simply because their story doesn't hold up, and their story keeps changing, and will eventually unravel.

Satan is a liar. The Bible calls him the "father of the lie," since he has been a liar since the first lie was told on earth when he lied to Eve, telling her that if she ate the forbidden fruit, not only would she not die, as God had told them would be the result of their eating the fruit off the one tree in the garden of Eden which Adam was instructed belonged to God, but that they would become like God himself, knowing good and bad.

The result? They did die, and we all have inherited sin and death as a result. Lying is detestable, as are those who deliberately lie, today.

Why today, it is expected that politicians are all liars, isn't it? If you cannot be depended upon to be truthful, you have nothing, and no one can take you your word for anything. It used to be that by just a handshake, a deal was sealed. Today, even with so-called binding contracts, people look for loopholes to use as an excuse not to stick to an agreement.


  1. You do like to speak out. Nice work.

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    Jamie Dedes

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