Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week

Continued Rain for Southern California
We actually got an earlier start this year getting at least some rain. Hopefully, we will have more rain than even last winter, as it is desperately needed to finally break our ten to twelve year drought.

I have always loved to listen to the sound rain pitter-patting on the roof and overhanging roofs, as well as the metal awnings over nearly every window on my home. I sleep like a log when it rains.

Clear nigh-time, star filled heavens
Once our rain does subside, we then should be getting cooler, clear nighttime skies, which are crisp, and chilly.

It's on these evenings that the stars twinkle at their brightest, and in areas that don't have streetlights that interfere with the heavenly vista, it's time to break out the telescope, and get an even better look at many of the heavenly bodies God has made.

Hot tea or hot chocolate
It's always wonderful to have a steaming cup of hot tea, hot chocolate, or even some cocoa added to piping hot coffee, while snuggling up with a good book, or watching some favorite movie.

It's also a great time to have a few friends over and share these things together, while chatting or telling stories about when we were all children, and playing in the snow, or just splashing in puddles during the rain.

Ahh; This Tuesday is my Schwan's delivery day. I get to replenish my stock of yummy Polish Sausages, Bratwurst, and such.

Since I have a physical problem shopping for regular groceries, I have it delivered by Schwan's, thereby eliminating the possibility of anything either getting too warm, or defrosted before I can get them home and into the freezer.

I think I will get a wonderful berry cobbler, and their ham & cheese omelettes. Being a lover of more simple foods, I avoid eating things that border or too gourmet in ingredients.

I also love their spinach and cheese square pizza. I like it topped with broccoli florettes, and mushrooms and onions, or even a variety of mixed veggies such as a variety of squash, sun dried tomatoes, and asparagus.

New Custom Made Dog Collar
No, I'm not going to be wearing the collar...

It's one I have been looking for for no less than a year for one of my dogs. When I took in Sequoia Dawn as a rescue, she was wearing a collar which designed and sold more for larger to giant dogs.

It's going to be of heavy black leather, with crystals added so they will not fall out. I still haven't completely decided whether to have all crystals, or a combination of small buttons or short spikes, along with the crystals. It's one of those collars that is more narrow in front of the throat, and gets wider as it goes to the rest of the neck.

Sequoia's Old Collar
It's even worse now, and has almost no black left on it at all.
They sell these collars made of good heavy weight leather in places like PetSmart or PetCo, as well as many online stores. But Sequoia's neck measures only 10 1/2 inches, and the very smallest collar I have been able to locate starts at 12 to 14 inches.

I finally found one company who will custom make on just like I want and need to replace Sequoia's old one which was faux leather, and has completely lost it's layer of black, as well as most of the gems it had.

Her new one will have the leash D-ring on the back of her neck, secured by rivets or special screws, and still have the other D-ring for her tags.  This collar should last at least as long as Sequoia herself. She is now six years old. You have probably already seen her photo. She is half Chihuahua, and half Basenji, weighs in at about 12 pounds, and is brindle in color.
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