Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry to have been missing my postings for so long

Depressed Housing Market
I really do apologize for not posting more to my blog of late, but I have been so busy looking for a place to move.  So many people seem to think that if they hold out for higher prices, their place will sell for what it used to be valued at, and not according to today's market.  Things are really depressed in S/W Riverside County, and even rents are way out of proportion to the actual marked.  If a person really needs or wants to sell, then, they must be willing to sell much cheaper than what market values of even ten years ago, and even more drastic if they bought or refinanced in the time period of 2004 to 2006.

Neglected, Abused and Abandoned Pointer

I recently visited our local shelter with a friend
who stopped to pay her dogs current licenses, and had occasion to look around to see the available pets for adoption.  There were even two Chihuahuas wearing matching pink collars, that had been turned in.  Some of the pets were so traumatized by the process, that they huddled in the corner of their indoor glassed in display pens.  It really tugs at one's heart strings to see so many lovely animals that people have either allowed to run loose, or bring in to the shelters, when they are usually told that owner turn ins are usually destroyed, since there are so very many lost and abandoned pets available for adoption.

Searching, High and Low
Back to my searching for a new home:  I have now put some 1,100 miles on my Scion, just looking over areas and neighborhoods, in search for a place that is suitable, and in a price range I can manage, living on Social Security and Widow's Benefits.  One place not for from the one I sold, had three small houses on an acre.  It was obvious they needed some attention, and some upgrades. The place would have allowed on place for me, and two to rent out, which I could have easily rented to to ladies I have known for many years, too.  However; only one was built legally, while there were never permits for either of the other two homes.  This place is an acre in size, which would have also allowed some of the property to be used to generate more income.  So far, it's fallen out of escrow at least six times, due to two things.  1- The mortgage holder, refuses to sell at a reasonable rate. 2- Since the price is out of line with the norm for the area, and the fact that whoever buys the property will have to demolish two of the houses, and most likely, also the third one, since it was built in the 1930s, and was not  really upgraded.

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