Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Day House Hunting and Breakfast Out

Happy Little Cottage
Well, here we go, shopping again, looking for another home.  I actually did find a relatively new and smaller manufactured home that would fill my needs.  The only problem is to find the right lot on which to set it up.  This little cottage is small enough to maintain easier than the home I just sold, and it is only a few years old.  It is well built and much better insulated than most homes in the area, as well.  This one only has one bedroom, but the rooms are large enough so that I wouldn't feel cramped, as most smaller places seem to feel.

It is one that has been removed from it's original location, and it presently sitting on a sales lot.  It is cute, and in very good shape, so that it's almost like new.  Now, I just have to locate the perfect place for it, at a price that isn't out of reach, or that isn't overpriced for today's economy.

This morning, my sister and I plan to have a good breakfast out, and just relax a bit before jumping into searching for a lot for the little cozy manufactured cottage I just discovered mentioned earlier.  The people who bought my present home have been so very nice, and I really do need to be out in just a few days.  I may have to stay with a friend for a while until I can get everything else setup, and prepared for living.  I really like the place I saw, and just need the perfect place to put it.  My old property is more than 8,200 square feet, and though I do like plenty of space, I also need to take into consideration the fact that I can not maintain such a large piece of property any longer.  Still, I don't like being crammed onto a place where neighbors can be heard talking or arguing, either.

I also need room for my dogs to be able to run and play in a well fenced in yard, and with the front yard also enclosed, even if it's a cute picket fence, or even chain link, as long as it is nice looking and a place that I can have a presentable yard in front, and maybe some fruit trees in the rear, and maybe even an area to grow some vegetables, too.

Wish me well in my search, and if you happen to know of something that may fit my wants and needs, please, feel free to let me know in the comment area of this post.

Happy day to you all, and I hope you all are finding just the place you are looking for if you are home shopping, as well.

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