Saturday, March 26, 2011

House Hunting in Southern California

Rural Private Roads
Well, another day, and no place found to relocate.  My friend, Karen and I decided to take a ride to another area of the Inland Empire in hopes we might be able to find something that we could both invest in, to get a better place, and one that is large enough for us to have out pets, and each have our personal space when needed.  So far, there really wasn't a lot to be even considered.

We stopped at a couple of real estate offices, and went through the options available there.  We may have to return in order to really drive by a few places which are located out of the main part of town, and that would satisfy our needs for all our pets, such as dogs and cats, and maybe a place I can keep a good milk goat, and that is safe from coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and rattle snakes, too.

There were several places that were outside of town on some pretty rough roads which are not maintained by the county, and any grading, etc., would have to be for either us to take care of, or if there are neighbors, everyone could contribute the funds for renting the machinery for grading, or hire it done after the rainy season, in order to maintain the road in a drivable condition.

Tracking Game
in Winter
Personally, I like the country life, and don't mind putting up with some inconveniences, in order to live happily, and in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of more urban areas, and freeway noises, and loud music that sometimes can be heard for half a mile when locals party, and don't take their neighbors into consideration.  There would be less chance of people partying until two A.M., and one can also have a clear view of the stars in a night sky, without city lights, that interfere with such wonders as meteorite showers that occur, but that are a rare sight in the city, due to light pollution.

If it means that one might need to have a rifle available in case of mountain lions, coyotes or rattlers coming  onto ones property and threatening your livestock and/or your dogs, then, that's what may be necessary.  Besides, there could also be some hunting one may legally do, when meat may be scarce.

Of course, I'm not one to hunt for sport.  I appreciate the animals in their natural habitat, and would only kill one for food, or if it presented a true danger to my safety, or that of another person, or was  encroaching onto my securely fenced property to attack and kill my animals.
Bloodhound on Alert
If I or those with whom I live, are starving, and in need of food, I would resort to hunting an animal for food.

If I were in danger of being bitten by a rattlesnake, I would not hesitate shooting it, if there were no other option.  Generally speaking, if you leave snakes alone, and give them a wide berth, they would rather leave than bite.  Snakes don't usually seek out humans, and will flea if at all possible, rather than endanger themselves.  A person can usually avoid snakes, by keep a keen ear and a sharp eye out for rattles.

It is also necessary to keep brush cleared on ones property, in order to discourage snakes from seeking shelter, from the strong summer sun in places like southern California's more rural areas.

We may soon return to the rural area we visited today, to check out a few of the more remote places, which were from two acres to five acres in size, and had homes, such as manufactured two or three bedroom homes, some of which were HUD owned, and for sale at reasonable prices.  They might be in need of some repairs, and also be missing the appliances.  But, there are certainly some bargains available, if one is determined and doesn't mind living a slightly different life than what many people are accustomed to.

I like living more simply, and enjoy the open areas, more than I do living in the suburbs.  I have always appreciated more open areas, and not so much the shopping centers and crowded city streets.
Simple Semi-Rural Living

Maybe this is the opportunity I have wished for, a quite place, away from too many people and crime, graffiti, loud honking horns, constant sirens of either law enforcement or ambulances and fire trucks, and screeching brakes and nosy neighbors, too.

An opportunity to have a little garden of fruit trees, and fresh vegetables would be really nice, too.  I could certainly have the milk goat I desire, for fresh, raw milk, and maybe even a burro or two, as well.

Ahhh, dreaming of my most desired lifestyle... More than likely, I or we will more than likely not move that far away from where we are now, since our children and extended families also live in the general area where we both now live.  Our friends are also in the area, and that would also be hard to live without.  So, we will continue to look, and just wait and see, whether we move in together, or live separately, remains to be seen.  We have been friends, for close to thirty years, and we are both needing to relocate, so it just sounds reasonable that we could pool our resources and do a little better than either of us may be able to do alone.

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