Sunday, April 17, 2011

Update on Sunday Afternoon's happenings... Lab/Chihuahua

Black and Yellow Labrador Dogs
similar to the dog in the story
Sunday morning my sister and I had breakfast, went to Walmart, and as I started to take my sister home, I decided to once again drive by the area where Colista and I had seen the large Labrador mix attempting to mate with  a small chocolate long-haired female Chihuahua yesterday (Saturday).

As we drove the same way I went on Saturday, and made a turn on the same street where the Lab lived at the corner house, and the Chihuahua lived a couple of doors down, and across the street, there, once again, was the little Chihuahua, heading toward the property where the Labrador lived.  This time the gate was closed, but it also had a wide gap, which allowed the Chihuahua to trot right onto the property, again.

There was a smaller white female Chihuahua also on the property, and it appeared to belong there, although we did not see that dog the day before.

Immediately, I drove to the home where they brown Chihuahua's owner lived, and again, began to honk the horn repeatedly, until the mother of the lady I spoke with Saturday lived.  I let her know that their little brown Chihuahua was in the other yard again, and again offered to pay to have their dog spayed, even if it was more expensive while she was in season.  This time, they were more calm and not as defensive.  Up trotted the little Chihuahua which was the cause of all the excitement, and again she entered her own yard.
Cocoa or Brown Long-Haired Chihuahua
similar to the one in the story

We talked again for several minutes, and I offered to bring some pieces of fencing to at least keep her from sliding between their gate and the post to which the gate attached.  Again, she said she would bathe the little dog, and keep her inside, and provide her with a litter box or wee wee pads until she was out of heat.

I cage her my E-mail address, and told her to contact me if there was anything more I could do to help keep her dog safe, and/or get her spayed.  I also told her about Actors and Others for Animals, who will usually help pay the vet bills for altering pets.

I now need to take some fencing to her, so she can at least secure the gap between her fence and gate, and she can get some rocks or a railroad tie to lay against the bottom of the gate, so the little female can no longer crawl under the gate to get herself in more trouble, again.

I will be following up on this incident, as these two dogs owners appear to either be totally ignorant, or just don't care about the safety of either dog, or for the local code on unaltered pet dogs and cats being allowed to rome freely.   In any case, it certainly isn't either dogs fault, but the fault and responsibility of the dog owners to keep their dogs behind secure fences, and to have them vaccinated land licensed.

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