Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What A Day!

Ready To Move,
No Place To Go

It seems that many people wonder why I'm so tired after shopping for another house, or a travel trailer or a 5th wheel, or even just  a tent, if that's what it takes to relocate and keep my three dogs and my cat, and still have a place that feels like home again.

Just today, I had breakfast with my older sister, and then, I dropped her off at home and continued on my way to search again for another place, which would be somewhat smaller, and still have the room I need to do my computer work, photography, and keep my critters, and still not have so much to do around the house or in the yard that I don't have time for much else.

I have had my eye on a place not too far from my present home, one that is a HUD repo.  It sits on an ell shaped lot, with a nice long concrete driveway, and a gated entrance, with the house all the way toward the rear of the property.  The house actually sits beyond the neighboring property, which certainly provides some privacy, and would discourage people who don't know who lives there.

Sequoia Dawn
I have called about this place on at least two separate occasions, leaving a message.  No one ever returned my call.  I sat out front of the property this morning, and called again, using my cell phone.  This time, some actually answered the phone, and even transferred me to someone else, who said the place was already sold, and was about to close escrow.  I asked how much it sold for.  I was shocked to learn it sold for less than half the price that was listed on the MLS.  This place would have been perfect for me, my dogs, and Buddy Cat, too.

Snow Bear
After that, I began searching in earnest for more like homes, with HUD signs on them.  There is a community only a few miles away that has hundreds of home, many also for sale.  I discovered several other homes which were also HUD repos.  So, I started calling each real estate office that had their signs up on these places.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of them were no longer listed for totally unreasonable prices, but were actually listed for less than half of prices I have seen only a few weeks ago.

Then, I got a call from a friend who said that her sister and brother-in-law were looking at another place which is in a low mountain area, and that it looked great from the outside, and had four acres, with a wonderful view.  We planned to drive out there tomorrow morning to take a look with her sister.  I went to CostCo, filled the gas tank, and prepared to relax and get to bed early, so we could go there tomorrow to see the wonderful place where we could both share expenses and keep out pets.

Then, she called again, only this time, she said that her sister had just called again, but that they had met with the real estate agent this afternoon, and were able to go inside to look around.  I guess the place was a real mess inside.  Of course this is the case with many repossessed homes, as many people who are about to lose their home are inclined to remove all the appliances, as well as drapes, and crown moulding, as well as anything else they can cart off.  This of course will cost the new buyer a lot, just to replace the missing items, and of course it devalues the homes, as well.
Then, while I was absorbing this news, I happened to be at the place of business of another friend.  While we were talking, another acquaintance walked in, and over heard the topic of conversation.  He said that there was a very nice place just down the road from one of his properties, which had originally cost in excess of $300,000, that was abandoned when the buyers discovered their property was now only worth less than 1/3rd of what they paid for it.  So they left, and purchased another home, and just left this one sitting empty for more than a year.  It was for sale for some time, and now just sits empty.  We attempted to make telephone contact with this man, who told me about the place, after we drove around looking for it.  If it is the place I think it is, it would be a real possibility, with plenty of room, and three bedroom and three bathrooms, a two car garage, and property large enough to allow my pets as well as the pets of my possible roommate.  We could also plant some fruit trees, and even have room for a vegetable garden.. With three bedrooms, I would have room for my office, and we would each have our own room, at opposite ends of the house, so we each could have our privacy, which is important, since we both have been living alone for more than twenty years.

If this is the place, it doesn't need paint, just weed abatement, big time. along with some landscaping, and a few nice touches, to make it a home again.  Of course, when one goes inside, everything could change, as has been the case with many homes that are on the market that now exists.

The search goes on.  Maybe tomorrow will bring more opportunities, and better options.  I certainly do hope so, as the people who bought my home are expecting an addition to their family, and they are certainly anxious to get started with the upgrades they have planned for their new place, which unfortunately, I still occupy.

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