Friday, April 13, 2012

Why the Rise in Atheism in America Today?

Is religion really teaching the Bible?  Why are so many of the flock leaving and becoming athiest?

I came across in interesting news article on Yahoo this afternoon.  It ponders several interesting questions about why so many are calling themselves atheists in the United States today.

The article begins by stating that the number of disbelievers is growing, but they remain America's least trusted minority.

It also asks why so many people are leaving religion.  How are nonbelievers perceived?  Why do much distrust?  It also asks how atheists have responded to this negative image.  Another question is "Will atheism ever be accepted?"
A church in Mexico 

Of course many people may respond that with so many politicians claiming to be of some so-called Christian religion, then why are so many politicians such crooks, liars and living immoral lives.  That goes even for many religious leaders as well.

Here is the link to Yahoo's article.  Why not read if for yourself, and take a little time to consider all the possible reasons.


After reading the article, do you have more questions than before?  Do you have any reason for hope in the future of life on earth at all?  If you keep up with the world news, you may have already accepted the possibility that earth may soon no longer even be populated by man or animals.

If you wonder why if man made such a mess of every single type of governmental rule in history, then who should you put your trust and faith in  man to fix the messes?

Have you considered turning it all over to the one who put mankind on earth to begin with?

If you care to read what the Bible has to say about things going on in today's world, and if you are searching for the absolute truth to your questions, check out the following links.
If you had a choice,  would you
choose to live like this?

There are reading materials here, as well as a modern English version of the Bible, where you can do some serious research, and even arrange for a free, no strings attached home Bible study, at your convenience.

Have you wondered why, if God is a god of love, then why do many religions say when you lose a loved one, or a small child, that God took them, because he needed another angel?  Is that what the Bible really teaches?
If you care, learn what
 the Bible really teaches.

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