Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eight Food Frauds Sold in Your Market

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By Kelli B. Grant, SmartMoney

Most consumers know to ignore emails alerting them to foreign lottery winnings and to steer clear of "designer" bags sold on street corners. But experts say even scam-savvy shoppers may be falling prey to fraud at a surprising place: the grocerystore.

Food fraud -- the adulteration, dilution or mislabeling of goods stocked on the shelf -- is part of a growing trend of faux household goods . Although there is little data on the frequency of food fakery, experts say there's growing awareness of the problem. The lack of information on the subject recently prompted the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention -- a nonprofit that sets standards used by the FDA -- to establish a Food Fraud Database. And a new study in the Journal of Food Science analyzed the top offenders identified by the database, including olive oil, milk and honey. 

This is a small snippet of a very informative article posted in "Financially Fit," a online site which Yahoo has posted.

Many food which may and are being adulterated even include milk, olive oil, honey and fruit juices.  These are just a few which are warned about.  You may recall the uproar in China when baby formula was discovered to be laces wit melamine, that killed several infants.

Stay informed and stay at least a little healthier.

To read the entire article, please click on this link: 

Yahoo link to 8 Food Frauds on Your Grocer's Shelves

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