Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do You Celebrate or Observe Earth Day?

Lovely Lake Shore Scene
This lake, like most others on earth, is polluted, by oil, chemicals, gasoline, and runoff from the polluted surroundings.
Most people living nearby, would not even consider swimming here, or eating the fish from this lake.
©2011 PK Hawk
I don't celebrate such things as most might consider celebrating.  I try to do my share to help protect and conserve earth's resources everyday.  I recycle, and am conscious of things which are reusable possibly to a fault.  I thing people have become so accustomed to the fact that too many products, such as electronics, etc. are made so they will stop working within a few years of manufacture in order that the manufacturer can sell them a new one.

Many people dream of life in such surroundings
How many of you know that years ago, there was such a thing as a refrigerator that ran on almost no electricity, but kept your food cold by means of natural gas?  It only took a flame similar to a pilot light, to work, too.  This refrigerators almost never had a problem breaking down.  The main problem was, that the people who produced electric refrigerators, sort of pushed them out of business.  Why, today, most, if not all RV trailers, and motor homes still have very efficient refrigerators which run on propane gas, and they switch back and forth between gas and electricity, as need be.

Mining has greatly added to
polluted water and air.

I conserve dead leaf matter from my yard, and use it to make mulch/compost, in order to replenish nutrients in the soil, which helps avoid using commercial fertilizers, which are chemical compounds which lack most vital nutrients which make fruit and vegetables better for food, as tasting better, as well.

We live on the earth, and are from the things of the earth, so protecting and replenishing earth's resources is always vital to our own lives, as well as the lives of every living thing in and on the earth.  God made earth for life and the living things for the earth.  It is a symbiotic relationship which is nearing collapse, due to man's mismanagement of earth's resources, and greed.

Notice the polluted foam which has washed up on shore?
©2011 PK Hawk
There was once a crop planting program, which is even talked about in scriptures.  It was crop rotation.  This contributed to strengthening crops, and discouraged insects which preyed on specific types of vegetation.  It also helped in not depleting the soil of nutrients needed for good health and nutrition in the foods grown for man and beast to eat.  Every seven years, by rotation, various fields were allowed to rest, in order to become healthier again, and to prevent erosion and depletion of the ground's vital nutrients.

Today, with factory farming, and clear cutting of forests in many parts of the earth, rainfall has been damaged, animals which depended on the forest to live, and shelter, have been dying out in abundance.  Many species are becoming extinct due to man's greed.  Many plants once used for their medicinal value are becoming lost, as well.

Earth Day should be everyday, not just once a year.

In the scriptures, God, Jehovah has said that he will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.  He also said that if he did not step in, no flesh would survive on earth.


Isaiah 11:6-9

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