Monday, March 14, 2011

New Outlook On Life

I have finally sold my property, and am presently looking for a smaller home, or even a park model mobile home.  I just can no longer manage a 1,600 square foot home, and really have no need for a piece of property that is more than 8,000 square feet in size, either.  I am seriously considering moving into a mobile home park for seniors, as long as I don't have to maintain the large property that I have owned for the past ten and a half years.  If I can keep my three dogs, and my cat, that is all I really need.

I have an awfully lot of things to unload, too.  These changes will free me to do more to do my web design and photography, and web master services.

As long as I can have my doggies, and Buddy, work on my favorite things and have time for more personal pursuits, things should fall into place.  Maybe I will even have time to travel a bit, or even take a vacation, which is something I have rarely had time for in the past.

I also plan to take a class on photography, so I can improve my skills, and get a new, more advanced camera, as well.

My pond fish still need a new place to call home, as well.  If you happen to be interested, they are free, along with the under-water filter/pump system.   I may be forced to find a new home for one of my dogs, which really bothers me, but I still must be able to function, and it is really imperative that I simplify my life or I may not have a life left.

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