Friday, March 25, 2011

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

Please forgive me for missing my posting, as I have been very busy.  Between selling my home, and looking for another place to buy, or possible rent temporarily, until I find just the right place, I have been really occupied, looking, and trying to prepare to relocate.
Optional Temporary Home?

Unfortunately, the real estate market in my area is more depressed than in some other places, and it is actually cheaper to buy, and make house payments than it is to rent.  I have also been looking at the possibility of living in a decent sized travel trailer to have time to look for the place I will buy.  That, too has proved to not be as easy to do that one might think.

I was originally considering a reverse mortgage, but the market is too unstable for getting an appraisal that is acceptable for this option, at least in this area.
Toyota Scion xB
I did replace my Ford Explorer though.  I now have a Toyota Scion xB, or as many people call them, an X-Box.  I have always thought the boxy little cars were absolutely UGLY.  That is, until I actually rode in one that a friend of mine owns.  I had occasion to ride with my friend and her son one weekend, and I have now changed my opinion of these great vehicles.  This car is small in appearance, on the outside, but, there is room inside for five adults, even in the rear seat.  My friend's son, by the way is 6'2", and had no trouble riding comfortably, in the rear seat.  Actually, since the ride was a bit long, he actually curled up in the rear seat, and took a nap.  He was actually still sleeping when we arrived at a restaurant we stopped to eat dinner, when we finally arrived in our home town.

In the meanwhile, I am still looking for a place to move, as I only rented back my home until April 7th, which is approaching pretty quickly.

I am now concerned that I may not be able to rent back my sold property for another month, as the buyers are anxious to get in and start doing the upgrades and changes they have planned.

I really don't want to have to store my things, as that would mean moving twice, so I would rather sell things than move them twice, and/or have to store them, only to move them again.

Of course, having three dogs and a cat also pose problems in renting a place, or even in most mobile home parks of RV Parks, as well.

Life moves on, and things change, for everyone, especially during times such as we are now living in, as there are more unoccupied homes in the US than in any time since the "Great Depression Era." So, I will keep looking and I know that someplace out there, my home is waiting for me to find it, and find it I will.  I just hope it is soon, as I really don't want to stress out the new owners of my old place any more than I want to be stressed.


  1. Well much luck is wished for you and your "home hunt"! Yes, I also thought those vehicles were homely :-) Looks are everything...I should know that! :-)

  2. Hello Susan, thanks for your comment. I certainly have changed my opinion about these vehicles. I have put at least 1,000 miles on mine since March 8th, and there's no end in sight. I have so much that needs doing, and so little time to get it all done, that I seem to be out and about more and more.

    House hunting, Arbonne meetings, and religious meetings, and a zillion other things going on, it just seems I can't fit it all into my time.

    I still love driving all over, just hate paying for the gas. LOL