Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Than You Knew About Tea

Personally, I love Jasmine Chinese Tea.  For the past year or so, it seems to be very difficult to find this wonderfully delicate tea.

This morning, I also discovered a wonderfully informative video on netflix which is about a man named David Lee Hoffman, who though being a US citizen spent most of his youth in China.

He became very fond of the Chinese custom of drinking tea, and has learned much about the various teas and the quality of teas in China.  Eventually his quest for fine tea led him to searching for the best tasting and organically grown teas in China.  This video is called, "ALL IN THIS TEA."  It seems that China had also taken up the American way of producing commercial crops, which had contaminated China's tea crops with pesticides, and commercial fertilizers instead of allowing earthworms to turn plant remnants into natural mulching which was not only safer, but also produced better and safer teas for people to drink

When the video was about three quarters over, I finally found the name of the tea import company Mr. Hoffman started.  Though it has now been sold, I entered the name:  SilkRoadTeas, into my search bar, and voila, there it was.  I just sent them an E-mail to verify that everything they sell is organic before I order.

This morning  I googled "organic Chinese teas," and found the following wholesaler of organic Chinese teas, and decided to share the information as well as their web site.  If you click on the link below, you will find several types of organic Chinese teas, as well as the tea sets in which to serve them in style.

Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea - Sadogreentea

Both of these wholesalers sell organic teas in many varieties.  I am still checking to be sure they only sell organic, but that is something you can also do if you are interested in ordering their products.

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