Sunday, November 13, 2011

14 Little Changes for a Healthier Life

The following link is from my Yahoo pages.  It was written by a man who has changed his chances for a longer, healthier life.  He now wants to help others learn simple things one can do that can add years to your life, while reducing inches and pounds from your body.

14 Little Changes for a Healthier Life

Then, brush with either
toothpaste or baking soda,
with or without salt. 

Dry Brushing
 before you brush with
There are several simple things that you would likely hardly notice having changed, that are beneficial to your overall health, such as dry brushing your teeth before brushing with toothpaste.  That's just one thing you can do to help yourself as well as your family that doesn't cost even a penny.

Start drinking more plain water each day.  You might also opt for herbal teas, instead of soft drinks or coffee.  Make the changes slowly if necessary.  Things which you can change faster will benefit you faster as well.

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