Friday, November 18, 2011

Beware Of Free Software From Unknown Sources

November 18, 2011
This morning, I was checking my blog stats, and came across a referring site which I did not recognize.  Every once in awhile, there are readers or hits from businesses, which may or may not be legitimate.  I have been getting several readers from Russia, and that URL is not the same as the one I saw this morning (also from Russia).

I clicked on the link, which was, (without the entire link, so you don't accidentally click on it through my blog)

I was instantly alerted, as it was not a search engine, and was not anything like the search engine from Russia which many readers there use to find my blog.  This was a video, with scrolling words.  The link that sent me to was 'mobilemachines'.  The man on the video speaks English as well as you or I, without any accent.  The man claims his name is Jack something, and that he discovered a secret way to earn money from cell phones all over the world.  

If you write"free software for mobile machines" on Google, you will see lots of links with information on this subject.  The ones I looked up said it is a scam, which I thought when I heard much of the information on the video.  One other red flag is that while this man is pitching his deal, he says several times that money will go straight into your account.  Who would be foolish enough to give out their bank account numbers to a total stranger?  
Don't let your hard earned money
fly out of your bank account.
I'm sure that sooner or later, we will be hearing about the scam on the news, after some people who are either stupid, greedy, or just desperate enough to try it.

The warnings also state that after you are told that it's free software, they request a "donation" of about $49.   It also states that no one gets any software, as well.  Remember, there are many scams coming out of Russia as well as Nigeria, and many other African countries.  They don't care that you may be desperate to feed your family or pay your bills, they just want access to your bank account.

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