Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I'm Thankful for Caller ID

Coyote in Wait
I've managed to pretty much stop most, if not all telephone solicitors calls, as I have my numbers listed with the "Do Not Call Registry." I have had my phone numbers for many years, and I still occasionally get calls for the people who had the number previously from creditors trying to locate them, and collect on some debts. I have also been told by at least one creditor that these people are still listing my number as being theirs. I also have had someone giving my home number to several local schools, as if it's theirs. I was receiving automated calls telling me of lock downs, and notifications of other school related things.  I believe I have finally stopped these calls. It took several calls not only to the individual schools, but even to the district school superintendent to finally get it straightened out.

I do receive calls from two people who call quite frequently, and though they are both nice people, they both are very stressful to talk with. One want to constantly gossip, talking about neighbors, or giving me just about everything reported on the afternoon TV news. If I don't answer, they leave a message saying they need to speak with my urgently. I can't seem to get this person to understand that if they don't stop leaving these fake "urgent" messages, that one day it may well be urgent, and no one will return the call, as they have" yelled wolf" too many times.

I really care about both of these people, but they cause me a lot of stress. One is a relative, and the other is a gentleman whom I had helped save some thirty cats that the county was going to trap and destroy. He says he likes having the cats around, but living at the base of the local mountains makes his cats fair game for hungry coyotes.
Three Rescued Stray Cats

He has way too many cats, (ranging from 15 to 30 or more) and really cannot afford proper veterinary care. He rationalizes that they love to have kittens, and get into fights, and roam the neighborhood, getting killed and torn apart.

He is a lonely man, who has OCD problems and who though he cares, he will not do anything about getting his other cats spayed or neutered, or let me find homes for any of them. All except one of the original cats have disappeared, over the past two and a half years, or were killed and eaten by coyotes and/or owls.

Cat Trying to Survive

I have finally had to tell him to stop telling me about what's happening to the cats, as it's obvious that I care more what happens to them than he does, but I have no power to do anything about their lives or their  safety, nor to get them spayed or neutered.

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