Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some Really Up and Down Weather in Southern California

Early Morning Sunrise-Late January From My Front Yard
©2011 PK Hawk
This has been a most unusual winter.  Thankfully, we have at least had some rain, and though it has gotten rather cold, it certainly could have been worse.  This past week in the area that I live, it has gotten to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night, and only into the mid fifties during the day.  Of course in the midwest, and on the east coast of the United States, they have had seriously cold weather, even getting snowed in, and airplanes being grounded.

The next few days in SoCal, it is actually supposed to get into the 80s.  The whole winter has been more or less up and down when it comes to the temperatures out here.  It really makes it so that many people seem to be getting sick, though my family has been very fortunate and no one has really been ill enough to miss work.  Personally, I haven't been ill at all.

My Pond Fish
©2010 PK Hawk
My pond fish are eating like crazy, and I can already tell they have grown since last fall.  Even with the chilly mornings, they are looking for food, which is a bit out of the ordinary with temperatures as they have been.  I'm pretty sure we will have an early spring, as this is the first time my outdoor pond fish have ever has such ravenous appetites since I got them about three years ago.  They were only about an inch to an inch and a half long when I purchased them from the feeder tank at my local Walmart.  Now, they range from about five to about nine inches, and are fat and sassy.

Ripe Oranges
I have family living in Warner Robins, GA, and in South Dakota, who have had some serious cold weather this winter.  I started checking the weather in Dutch Harbor, Alaska against the weather in Warner Robins, since they actually got snow in many parts of Georgia this winter. It may surprise you to know that there were several weeks, that where my cousin lives in Georgia was almost the same temperature as Dutch Harbor, AK.

The last time I checked, it had leveled off a bit, but not by much.  I remember living in southern Georgia when I was about six to eight years-old, and it really got very cold and even froze there.  We were weren't even very far from the Florida state line, either.  Of course Florida has always had occasional freezes, that have wiped out their citrus crops off and on over the past sixty or so years.

What with apparent climate change, and with the magnetic pole shift moving around, I suppose that would affect the climate in many places.

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