Friday, December 2, 2011

Fraud Alert - These People Have Been Active Since at Least 2006

ALERT - Warning: Fraudulent charges on your credit card?

Even if you have not used your card
in years, you could be hit.
That's exactly what happened to my friend.
Beware of fraudulent charges to your credit cards, debit cards or check cards by a company called TLG Great Fun, or anything similar to that. They have been doing this for at least since 2006, and the FBI isn't even interested.

Check your credit card and debit card statements well, for unauthorized charges. A friend just called me to tell me that there is a "Company" who has charged her Capital One credit card $12.99 each month for three months. She called the number that was listed as the "business" where she supposedly charged something. After talking to some underling, she was passed to not one, not two, but to three supervisors. They tried to convince her that they had her signature on file. She told them she was calling from the Police station, and would they please fax their copy of her signature to the police, so they could verify she had or had not signed something for these crooks. 

The name on the billing was: TLG Great Fun, along with a phone number of 1-800-240-8603. My friend finally called Capital One directly, and they will be having their fraud department check it out, and reverse the charges. In any case, this is fraud. SO, BEWARE and check your statements every month.
Do you have money to waste?

I called the fraud department of the FBI in Los Angeles, and was told they have bigger criminals they are after.  They said to call the local Police.  This is at least an international crime, not only local, but for some reason, no one seems to be doing anything about it. It appears to be every man (or woman) for their self.

If you recall, there have been many reports of various credit card companies being hacked, with millions of individuals' personal information being stolen, along with their social security numbers, as well as their home address.

Please pass this on to everyone you know, so at least some people will exercise due diligence, and examine their credit card bills regularly, even if they don't use their card.  My friend had not used her card in years, and she only happened to open one, only to discover her card had been billed monthly for several months.

The following are web sites which have been documenting complaints for several years.  They include, and one which is popular, called Ripoff Reports.  Actually on Ripoff Reports, their list of online complaints on TLG Great Fun go back to 2006.

I will be following through on this, and my friend will be going to the local authorities to file another report.  I will be contacting the California Attorney General's office, as directed by the Office of Consumer Affairs for the State of California.

As of 7:00 PM local time, I have contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs in my local area, as well as the Sacramento office.  I must say that the local office was more helpful than was the one in Sacramento.  The very cooperative gentleman in the local office of the Department of Consumer Affairs said that he would suggest calling the U. S. Postal Inspector.

I called the U. S. Postal Inspector's office, and found that they have prosecuted these people in the past, and they are again under investigation for fraud.  I then called the Attorney General's office in Ohio, as that is were this company is supposedly located.  I found they too say this is a really bad company, that is really deeply invested in defrauding the public, and that they are on their trail.  I was able to get another address on the company, which happens to be in Connecticut.

With more research, I have also located their parent company, and will have to wait until Monday to call the Connecticut Attorney General's office, to let them know what I have found out, and to see if they are also  after these crooks.

As thing progress, I will be updating this story.  

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