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Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

A Birthday Celebration
Guest of Honor Gets Gifts
It seems that most people, celebrate their birthday. It isn't only the kind and charitable, loving and sharing people who celebrate the date of their birth.  Criminals, murders, gangsters and mobsters celebrate theirs, as well. I choose not to celebrate my date of birth, as I feel like the Bible only mentions birthday celebrations three times. Each time, people who were innocent were killed during that celebration, by rulers who were not good at all.  After all, I can have a party or quiet get together any time during the year, and give or receive gifts when it really comes from the heart, not just because tradition dictates that I must give something to someone, or that they should give me a gift.

In Genesis 40:20, it states an example of when Phar'aoh had a great feast to celebrate his birthday. It reads: "Now on the third day at turned out to be Phar'aoh's birthday, and he proceeded to make a feast for all his servants and to lift up the head of the chief of the cupbearers and the head if the chief if the bakers in the midst of his servants." To read the entire event, read the whole chapter 40 of Genesis. 

The second time that birthdays are mentioned in the Holy Bible, read Matthew 14:6-11, which states: "... when Herod's birthday was being celebrated the daughter of He-ro'di-as danced at it and pleased Herod so much that he promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked. Then she, under her mother's coaching said: "Give me here upon a platter the head of John the Baptist." Grieved though he was, the king out of regard for his oaths and for those reclining with him commanded it to be given, and he sent and had John beheaded in the prison. And his head was brought on a platter, and given to the maiden, and she brought it to her mother." " At Mark 6:21 this event is also told. 

After all, a person has no reputation, either good or bad when they are born. Only when a person lives, and dies, is it clearer what sort of person they have been. Someone who may have been a good child can change, and become evil, even murderous, and someone who may have started out being unruly and out of control, may even change their ways, and become a decent person, who finishes out his or her life by doing good, and trying to make up for the bad they may have previously done. After all the apostle Paul was originally a person known as Saul, who persecuted and even encouraged murder of those who followed Christ Jesus.  Only after Jesus was killed and resurrected, did he change his ways.  Jesus actually contacted him personally to ask him why he persecuted him.  You can read this account for yourself in Acts of Apostles 9:4, 5.  You might get a clearer understand of the history of Saul (Paul) by starting at Acts 9:1, and read the entire chapter.  Even though Saul had been guilty of shedding blood, he was forgiven and began following in Jesus' footsteps himself, even unto death.  He was just as determined in being a true follower of Christ as he had been as an enemy.  Once her realized he had been wrong all along, he changed entirely, so that when he finally died, he had made a good name for himself.

This may well be the reason that the Bible nowhere gives the exact date of Jesus' birth, but only tells that it was while the shepherds were in the fields with their sheep. It was in that area of the world most likely in mid to late fall that he was born. Otherwise, had he been born in winter, there would have been very cold weather, and possibly even snowing. In that case, the shepherds would not have been in the fields, but they would have had the sheep sheltered from the weather indoors, in stables or barns.

If you recall, Jesus was killed, and resurrected some three days later, which was in the spring of the year. He was thirty-three and a half years old when he wast murdered. Count back six months from the early spring, and that would have made the most likely date of his birth in late September or early October, of 2 B.C. Jesus birth date was not as important as the date of his death, as he had proven himself faithful until death to his Father. He gave his own life's blood so that all mankind would have a chance to regain his Father's approval.

We each have the same opportunity to prove Satan a liar and that God is the rightful ruler of the universe. Only those who accept Christ as God's appointed King of the earth will have the hope of living on a cleansed earth, which will never again be run by Satan and his hoards of wicked spirit forces. 

If you care to get more information on the subject or some other Bible based information, please feel free to visit the following link.

If you read the King James version of the Holy Bible, there is a new corrected version online at: where they have reinstated the name of the God of the Bible as it appeared in the original manuscripts, and in all King James versions of the Holy Bible from it's original date of translation until the early 1900's when God name was removed from most places it originally appeared.

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